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How To Understand Something As Fast As Possible

It is always my obsession to understand more the things that matter to me in life.

Sometimes, it is very easy to understand but in many occasions, the clear understanding only take place after many years. Talking about many years, that is a long time in a man's life. It will be better if one can quickly understand what one wants to understand. Today, it is also a little bit easier to understand topics that matter to us in comparison to how it was fifty years ago.

Nowadays, one can quickly find answers to questions by “Googling it”. One can quickly understand more about geometry or any other interest by checking it out on YouTube. There are millions of websites with free educational tutorials that help one to understand more.

Despite all those facilities, one question remains.

How To Understand Something As Fast As Possible?

Let us begin to dig more into that critical question.

To Understand Is To Be

After many years, I have now discovered the fastest way to understand something, somebody or anything in life is to be that thing. What is the fastest way to understand Chinese language?

The correct answer is to be a Chinese. What is the fast way to understand a scientist?

The best answer is to be a scientist. Though, one can understand a scientist in many ways, the fastest way is to be a scientist. Man can be what he chooses to be if he or she is willing to understand it. One may say “well, I do not understand my husband, and I just do not what he will do next and so on”. Be that husband or wife and spouses and you will quickly understand what it

going on. 

Yes, to be or not to be that is the most important question. You want to understand a square? Well, be that square and you will fully understand it. So, one may say to me this is not correct and I will ask who understand you more than anyone else?

And the correct answer is YOU. One will agree that one understands oneself more than anyone else unless one become sick or insane.

Therefore, I will say that to understand the theory of relativity as fast as possible is to be Albert Einstein the founder of the theory of relativity.

To Undestanding Is To Become

To become is not the same as to be. Indeed, many think that to become is the same thing as to be.

Let me explain myself. For example, a married couple become one though they are two persons that occupies two separate bodies. Each is still having own space and time or world. 

In contrast, when one is one, one will take the space, time and world of one. In that instance, there is truly only one not two. One can become one without taking the same, time and the world of one. To become is different from to be but it is the second fastest way to understand somebody, something or anything in life.

One becomes by learning, duplicating, mimicking or acting like someone or something.

One can become a driver by learning to drive. One can become an American by duplicating the life style of the Americans. One will become a comedian by mimicking the characters of a comedian.

One becomes something through the process of learning, training, assimilation, study and so on.

However, to be is far superior to becoming. Surely, many prefer to become instead of be when they want to understand something. Also, one can become something or someone to a certain degree.  Therefore, the understanding that one gains by becoming that thing or person or event is directly correlated to one's degree of becoming.

For example two individuals that become doctors may not have the same level of understanding of that subject. One may have a better understanding than the other.

To Interpret Is To Understand

The third step to understand something as fast as possible is to interpret it. Remember the most recent time when you use Google translate or you use a person or technology to help you interpret or understand things, persons or events that matter to you. In this case, you do not want to be English, you also decide not to become one, therefore your third fastest way to understand English is to interpret it.

In this instance, one must make sure that one gets the correct interpretation of the matter at hand. Indeed, a mediocre interpretation or translation will dilute the understanding one is seeking.

To interpret is to translate, to explain or just clarify. It is efficient if one uses the best interpret, translation tools or technologies available. Things become more complex when one is using different layers of translation or interpretation. 

For example one wants to understand English but one only speak Italian. So instead of translating the document from English to Italian, one goes first

from English to French, then French to German before one interpret it from German to Italian.

One may say that is stupid, why one will do something so stupid? Suppose, one comes across a German article on the web but one only understands Italian. Is it stupid to use Google translate to interpret it into Italian? Of course not. How about if I also told you that “thee, you know that German document, the original source was in English before it was subsequently translated into French and German.” 

What would go through your mind at that point in time?

You would probably wish that you had the original document with the best translation tool to interpret it today.

Therefore, when one is using the interpretation to understand something, someone or event, one must always refer the source or original (real matter) instead of using various layers of translations.

To Have A Relationship Is To Understand

The fourth step to understand something as fast as possible is to have a relationship with it.

According to Wikipedia, “understanding is a relation between the knower and an object of understanding.” One good example is the relationship between a subscriber and provider of a service.

If I want to understand how to use drones, I can go on YouTube and subscribe to one of best YouTube creator's channel. By doing so, I establish a relationship between that YouTube creator and myself.

The purpose is to gain more understanding of how to use drones. Another example would be the mentor-ship. 

Indeed, the relationship between a mentor and student will help the learner to gain more understanding. One can also talk about the relationship between a teacher and student, a wife and husband, an employer and employee, a writer and reader, a user and provider and so on.

One will agree that children that have better relationship with their parents understand them more than those who do not. Here, the quality of the relationship is essential for a better understanding. 

Talking about relationship, one is also talking about connection, communication, friendship, openness, trust and everything that helps a good relationship.

The question is will the mentor be happy to give the other the best training?

Is the mentor be willing to share his best tips and tricks?

How invested is he in that relationship? Is there a good communication?

So those are the the factors that will influence a relationship. Consequently, one must take them into consideration when one wants to build a relationship for the sole purpose of understanding as fast as possible.

To Shed Light Onto Is To Understand

The fifth way to understand as fast as possible is to shed light onto the matter that one wants to understand. It is not as fast as the last four methods of fast understanding, but it works.

The fifth way to understand as fast as possible is more suitable to matters that are very complex.  In those circumstances, one will break into pieces the complex matter, and shed light onto each piece one step at a time until one fully understands the matter at hand.

How To shed light onto something?

Well, it is very simple, and everyone has being doing it for years. It consists of asking relevant questions to the right people, sources or oneself without prejudice until one gets the correct answer.

One is just seeking the real truth or correct answer without taking any side or view. Here, the relevancy of the question is very important.

For example, one wants to understand why olive oil always float on water, one will start asking relevant questions such as:

What is olive oil made of?

What is water made of?

How do the components of water compare to oil's?

What else always floats on water?

What are the common characteristics of those things that always float on water?

By getting the correct answers from the right sources to those relevant questions, one is effectively shedding light onto that matter at hand.

In that instance, an irrelevant could be those that do not help to get answers that will help one to understand more. One example would be to ask why water always boils at 100 degree Celsius?

Another irrelevant question would be why olive oil tastes differently in comparison to water?

One is also persistent because one is just the relevant questions but one wants to the correct answers.  Therefore, one will not stop asking the relevant questions to the right people until one gets the correct answer. That persistence will help one to decipher the most complex subjects.

Today, the whole world is enjoying the fruits of great innovations such as air planes, submarine, cruises, electricity, refrigerators, smart phones, computers and much more just because someone, somewhere has gotten the correct answers to relevant questions. They were persistent in their quest to have understanding of those complex matters until they fully grasp how the laws and principles

that govern those amazing innovations.

One wonders how much more can we understand. Or how far can we push our thirst and hunger to understand more? Are we able to push our understanding high enough to reach a point where, one can just look at something and understand it? Or is the mankind seeking to understand everything around it without doing anything to understand itself? Questions like:

What is a man? Is a man just body full of blood? Does the color of our skin make us different?

Will more understanding of ourselves help end wars, conflicts and sufferings?

One can ask as many questions as one likes. All those questions will stir in us one thing and one thing only. That is the urge to understand more.

Two people that are fighting each other will stop fighting as soon as they truly understand each other. More understanding also helps one to forgive, tolerate, accept, enjoy, and ultimately cast away the darkness and the sufferings that come with it. Today, mankind enjoys life more than before because of the surge in understanding things that were once complex in the past.


There are five specific ways one can understand something, someone or a matter as fast as possible.

Over the years, men and women have used those five methods to shed more light onto matters that they want to understand. Today with a better level of understanding, mankind has began a new race to push the limit of their understanding beyond levels that were once utopia. 

Man is now seeking the moon, planet Mars and others. Nowadays, men and women are working round the clock, day and night seeking answers to new relevant questions. More advanced technologies such as the internet at high speed, smart phones and computers have help the mankind to understand more the outside world, ourselves and those explored territories. 

The race is also find new fastest ways of understanding. One question that keeps bothering me is “is there a limit to how much one can understand?”

I hope not. Or would a full understanding restore peace, love, harmony and friendship between all men, women and God? One thing is certain is that more understanding is always good. Therefore, one should use the first five fastest ways to understand something, someone or any matter as soon as possible.

Well, that will do for now. As, I said at the beginning of this article, I always want to understand more. And I also enjoy writing about it. I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I do. If that is so, do not hesitate to share this article on your favorite social websites.

Thank you.

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