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5 Advice To Young Generation

1/ Do not be manipulated by money
A man that is manipulated is nothing more than a tool in the hands of the manipulator. 

Really one who is manipulated is to a certain degree a slave to its master who will decide almost everything in that partnership.  The worst part is that the manipulated person can be forced to abandon even his most cherished principles while he is doing the dirty work that he is being manipulated for.

Imagine, one holds dear the freedom of speech, but one needs money.  A manipulator who spots that can manipulate one to the point where one compromises.
As a young person, one can be easily manipulated because one has insufficient
experience in life.  Therefore, a younger person must refrain from being manipulated.  

2/ Never Discount Experienced Persons

The most stupid thing, one can do in life is to discount those that have relevant experience in a specific area.  Though, one does not have to follow every advice, one can gather advice from various sources to make more intelligent decision.

Usually, many youngsters do not listen to their parents, tutors, mentors or educators.

Therefore, they waste valuable part of their life making wrong decisions.  However, smarter youngsters who learn from more experienced people often save time and get more done before adulthood.
Indeed valuable advice from an expert or person with years of experience is priceless.

3/ Do Not Get Into Anything Illegal

Stay away from bad friends or activities that will put you on the wrong side of the law.  Do everything to avoid a criminal record.  Endeavor to stay on the right side of the law.  As young person, one is fearless, daring and impulsive but those drives can also lead one to play with the law.  Just know that no one is above the law and that includes young people that are not yet adults.

4/ Train And Learn Avidly
The younger generation has a fresh brain with high potential.  There is no excuse to play or waste time when one can learn and train to become a competent person in any field one wants.  With the advent of the online learning, there is no limit to what one can learn.  The younger generation has so much opportunities to train and learn in any field.  

Apart from the traditional methods of learning, there are distance learning, so much free learning and training materials on social media.  Platforms like Facebook and YouTube will complement other forms of education or training.

5/ Leave Sex Matters For Later
Before you lie down, one must seat first.
There is a time for everything.  Time to be born.  Time to grow up and become an adult.  Time to get married.  All I am saying is do not use the time for growing and learning as the time for getting ready to get married.  In fact there are more women than men on the face of the earth.  

Once you reach adulthood as a well educated or trained person, sex matters will take care of themselves.  Do not let sex matters suck your young life at the time when you need that energy to build your life on a robust foundation.

I hope these five advice will help you to grow into life as a decent and responsible
person.  Have a good time while you are still young but remember your duty as a young person