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Black Lives Matter

Black lives matter indeed. More importantly everyone's live matters.

When I ask this simple question: What is the most important thing in

life? I usually get wrong answers such as money, wealth, health, family,

career, constitution, education, house, success, prosperity, freedom and so on. 


those answers were not completely unacceptable, they were not the correct answers.

In fact, it usually takes a bit of time before people respond to that question.

Nevertheless, the answer is obvious and everyone knows. Truly, the correct

answer is life. 

 Indeed, life itself is the most important thing in life. And it does matter

to all races. Whether one is white, black, yellow, orange, red or purple, one belongs

to one race. That unique race is the mankind. You are a human being with one head,

two arms, legs and feet plus the torso. Similarly, there are various types of apple but they

are all apples. The differences in color, shape, form, education, nationality or education

do not make us less human in comparison to others. Really, racism is a racket. It is also

the biggest tool to manipulate others and make more money. However, it is the biggest

handicap to mankind because it reduces progress, innovation, freedom and happiness.

Black lives matter.

According to Wikipedia, The quotation "All men are created equal" has been called an 

"immortal declaration". Thomas Jefferson first used the phrase in the U.S. Declaration of 

Independence, which he penned in 1776 during the beginning of the American Revolution.

The second paragraph of the United States Declaration of Independence starts as follows:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are 
endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are
  Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness

That to secure these rights, Governments 
are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.
Do you accept that all men are created equal?
Do you agree that Black people are equal to whites?
Do you believe that God makes a superior race?
Do you think that it OK for black people to be treated like second
class or minority citizen?

Do you agree that it is easier to manipulate people when they are polarized?
Do you accept that it is easier to keep the status quo when one divides?
Do you think that all white people are racist?
Do you think that there is no black racist out there?
Do you agree that black are made to serve the whites?
Do think that Thomas Jefferson was drunk when he stated that all men
are created equal?

As a white person do you feel superior to blacks?
As a black person do you always feel inferior to white?
As a black person do you always blame your failures on whites?
Do you believe that people have been manipulated with racism?
Do police lives also matter?
Do you believe that most police officer are not racist?
Finally, will you support those who kill blacks because they think their lives
do not matter? Is black lives matter movement another tool to create more division?

Once upon a time there was a big black man. He looked a bit weird and lived alone
but has three children. He was also a bit scary because of the way he walked. Sometimes,
people are afraid when they saw him. He does not smile all the time. However, he was a 
law abiding citizen, deep down very kind. Those who knew him respected and loved him.
He tried to live a normal decent life like most people. One day, we went out to do something 
in the city. As he was walking on a very busy street, he saw his daughter sitting
on the side of the road. His daughter was a teenager and like many teenagers she was a bit 
rebellious. She was smoking a cigarette. 

 Once he saw her, he stopped. Here he was a giant 
black man talking to a fifteen years old girl on the street. It does not look right to many onlookers. 
 Gently, He ordered his daughter to put off the cigarette. And she did. She stood up and gave big 
bear hug to his father. However, no one knew he was her father.
After talking with his daughter, he went to a cash machine and took cash that he gave to her. She 
was happy and she gave him her new telephone number before she left.

The father also went his way and all was good. Nevertheless, there were other people who taught, 
she was a prostitute and the black man was tracked by the undercover Police for soliciting prostitution. 
 Believe it or not this is a true story.