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Control Game Review

Control Game Review | What You Need To Know About This Game

Remedy Entertainment has been producing some fantastic games since 1995. One of their famous gaming series was Max Payne through which they got much success.

The Remedy video game developer comes with a new idea in each game and Control is another upcoming game having a distinct approach. This game is made by using a special Northlight engine which was also used in the previous Quantum Break game.

In this article, I'm going to discuss the expected Control game. Although the game is not released yet, still there is some news by the officials that I'm going to share through this article.

Control Game Release Date

Control is an upcoming adventure and action game published by 505 games. The developer of this game is Remedy Entertainment organization. Control is going to released on 27th of August 2019 all around the world.

The primary theme of the game relates to the FBC known as the Federal Bureau of Control. It is a secret agency by the US government, which is given the task of analyzing stuff that breaks the law of reality.

Jesse Faden becomes the new director of FBC. She explores the old paranormal FBC New York headquarters. At that place, the player tries to eliminate a deadly enemy named as Hiss with the help of powerful abilities.

Control Game Platforms

Remedy Entertainment always tries to develop a game for all the popular platforms, and they have done the same thing with the upcoming Control game. The game will be able to play on all popular platforms, including Xbox One, Windows, and PS4.

Nowadays, if we look at all the game developers, they try to make their games compatible to multiples platforms because they are well aware of the fact that by targeting these platforms, they will attract a large gaming community.

However, the release of Control game for multiples platforms will help the developers to generate new fans, which is good for both the developers as well as game lovers.

Control Game play

If we look at the previous Remedy games, we will find one thing in common in most of these games, and that is the third-person perspective. Remedy Entertainment has developed a lot of games in the past with a third-person view.

Like the previous games, Remedy is also going to introduce a third-person view in the Control game. The player is given the role of Jesse Faden who uses the service weapon to encounter enemies in the game.

A service weapon is a firearm which is a supernatural stuff that could be modified in different forms having several combat benefits. Other than the service weapon, Jesse Faden also holds diverse, mysterious powers, including levitation, telekinesis, and the strength to handle enemies.

These abilities help a player to compete with different deadly enemies. Jesse's abilities, as well as the service weapon, offer more strength to the character.

A player can upgrade the service weapon with the help of a skill tree. There are different objects of power available in the game that help the player to gain new powers.

Furthermore, the game also grants the option to balance as well as customize the player preferences. 

If we talk about the health, it cannot be automatically recharged in Control game. So In case, you want to increase the player health, you need to pick the health from fallen enemies.

Control Game System Requirements

Control is among the high-end games that requires some excellent hardware components. The minimum system requirements for this game is that your system needs to have a 

64 bit Windows 7 Operating System with Intel Core i5-4690 3.5GHz / AMD FX-4350 

and a graphics card of NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 or AMD Radeon R9 280X.

However, the graphics card should be compatible with DirectX 11. 

Moreover, system memory of 8 GB and hard drive storage of 55 GB is also required if you want to enjoy this game.

Though, these are the minimum requirements that you need to have if you're going to run Control game on your PC. 

You may also encounter some issue with the game while running it on these minimum requirements.

We will suggest that you have the recommended requirements so that you can enjoy every second of the game smoothly. The recommended PC requirements for Control game is that the PC should have 

64-bit Window 10 operating system with the processor Intel Core i5-7600K 3.8GHz / AMD Ryzen R5 1600X.

16 GB of Ram and 55 GB of free hard disk space is also needed. 

On the other hand, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 or AMD Radeon RX 580 4GB graphics card should also be included in the system hardware components to make the Control game run smooth.

Control Game Achievements

Like various other games, Control game also includes the achievements feature. There are several achievements in the Control game that can be unlocked by following specific steps.

The officials have revealed some of the achievements while some can only be experienced during the game. Below is the list of some of the achievements that we are aware of up till now.

  • Astral Construction        
  • Choose To Be Chosen
  • Cognitive Intruder
  • Expert Parautilitarian
  • First On The Scene
  • Insular Telekinesis 
  • Inter-Departmental Cooperation
  • Paranatural Powerhouse
  • Parautilitarian
  • Psychic Occupation
  • Record Keeper
  • Rising Thought
  • Ritual Intuition
  • Ritualistic Thinking          
  • Shifting Positions
  • Strange Collection
  • The Importance of Synergy
  • Unstable Matter
  • Volatile Debris
  • War Games
  • Astral Tactician 
  • Career Development
  • Crisis Management
  • Discerning the Pattern
  • FBC Crisis Solution Task Force
  • Interdimensional Defender
  • Non-Standard Issue
  • Paranatural Collection
  • Bureau Archivist
  • Master Parautilitarian
  • These are some of the achievements that a player can achieve in the Control game.

Final Words

The Control game includes action, adventure, and thrill. As indicated by the name, this game grant full Control to the player. It is an action-adventure single-player game that can be played from a third-person view.

Just like the previous games, Remedy Entertainment works to deliver quality in the Control game. So if you are an action-adventure game lover, then you must try the upcoming Control game because it's surely going to be worth experiencing.