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Coronavirus Christian Prayer 

Apart from everything else that the healthcare service has recommended, one can also pray.
Prayer does not stop one from taking medical help or follow the simple measures that help to prevent the coronavirus.   The prayer completes everything else one has been doing so far.  One thing one can not afford to do is to try everything but forget to pray

This article will help Christians and all the people who like to join them in prayer against that very bad coronavirus.
Let's get started.

Christian Prayer Against Coronavirus One

I know who I am and what I have got because I am a son of GOD.  I am a Spirit because I am born of God.  I live in my body, but I am not a body.  I am a Spirit born from the Most High.  I know who I am and what I have got.  I am bigger than the coronavirus

Coronavirus comes but it has nothing in me.  I am well above the coronavirus because I know who I am. I am in charge of my body.  I am a spirit and a spirit does not die or get sick. 

The truth is that my body may be weak, but I am the light that shines through it.  I know that the Holy Ghost is my healer.  Amen

Prayer Against Coronavirus Two

Your word is the truth.  The truth is the light.  Where there is the truth, there is light.  When the light shines, the darkness disappears.  The facts are not the truth.

My body may be sick, weak or damage, but those are just facts.  Facts are facts, but they are not the truth. 

The truth is that I am a Spirit born of God.  I know that I am from above therefore I am above all.  I am born from God therefore I overcome the world. 

The truth is that greater is he that is me than he that is in the world.  I am bigger than the coronavirus.  That is the truth. 

I am greater than the coronavirus.  That is the truth.  The truth will set me free.  The truth is my light.  The truth is my shield. 
The truth is my healer in Jesus name.

Coronavirus Virus Prayer Three

Wellbeingness is my portion.  I accept my wellbeingness.  Strength is my portion and I accept my strength.  Happiness is my portion and I accept my happiness.

Deliverance is my portion and I accept my deliverance.   My portion is abundant life filled with peace and joy.  What I see, feel or hear does not change my portion.

My portion is not about the facts, but truth. 

What is mine is mine, and no one can take it away from me.  I am one with Christ therefore I am one with my portion.  In my portion there is Christ, my healer.  There is no place for coronavirus in me.  Christ my portion and my healer.  Amen.

Coronavirus Christian Prayer Four

He has sent his word, healed them and delivered them from their destruction.

The word of God is Spirit and Life.  The word of God is powerful and full of life.  The word of God works. 

That says the Lord: there is no place for coronavirus in my life.  (×7)

That says the Lord, I build a ridge around you (your name) against the coronavirus. (x4)

That says the Lord:  my Holy Ghost is the healer of you (your name). (x2)

That says the Lord: let the light of the Holy Ghost cure thee (your name) of coronavirus. (x3)

That says the Lord: I am with you, do not be afraid.  I am your healer and redeemer.

I receive the living word of God.  I know that the word of God will conquer and succeed in which the Lord has sent it for.

The word of God will never return to the Lord void.  It shall surely fulfilled the great will of God in my life.

I thank the Lord Jesus because the word of God is my defence and my shield.  I am heavily protected.  Yes, I am heavily defended by the Holy Ghost.
Thank You Jesus Amen.  Thank You Spirit Of The True GOD.  Amen.
Alright, that will do.  May the Father, the true God have mercy on you and your family in Jesus name.  Amen.

If those coronavirus christian prayers have opened your eyes then feel free to share and bookmark it.  Thank you for visiting this website.

This article is written by the
Founder of understandingthesecretideas.com