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Coronavirus Natural Tips

This article is not about getting anybody into trouble or talking about a scientific formula to cure coronavirus, but natural tips one can try after consulting a qualified medical staff.
Now that one knows what this is all about, let's get started. 

One of the symptoms of the corona virus is a high temperature fever.  That fever can kill if one does not know how to handle it.

Coronavirus Natural Tips One

Get a bucket and fill it with really warm water that both your feet and hands can tolerate.  Do not cook or burn yourself

After checking that the temperature is acceptable, dip your feet into it and keep your feet in it as long as you can.  While your feet are still inside the bucket, dip also your hands.  The idea is to keep both feet and hands in the hot water for at least one hour as long as you can.  You get it?

As one can see, it is just about dipping feet and hands in hot water at a temperature that both your feet and hands can tolerate.

Coronavirus Natural Tips Two

This is also another natural tips.  Now, if you are allergic to ginger then this is not for you.  In all cases, one must check with a medical staff if one can try that.  Please do not try this if it will make the matter worst.

It is simple and straightforward.  Buy fresh ginger in the market, and cut it into chunk pieces and boil it to make tea.  Drink as much as you can on daily basis for as long as you can.  On average, ten big chunk-pieces of ginger can last for four days.

Apparently, ginger help to boost the immune system.  What is happening (in my opinion), the coronavirus is destroying the immune system.  Therefore, one must continue to boost the immune system on daily basis.

Why Am I Sharing This?

Well, when I was a teenager, I often had fever with high temperature, and my mum always deeps my feet and hands into hot water (that my body can tolerate).  And it did help.  

I also find out that ginger does help my immune system, and I eat and drink ginger whenever I can.  Well, you can call me a ginger man.

Another reason why I am sharing this is because I want to add my bit to the fight against that evil disease to is killing thousands of vulnerable elderly people.

Third Coronavirus Natural Tips

Cut all nails, especially the toes'.  Do not ask me why please.  However, let me know how you feel after you cut those stinking nails.
I have noticed that anytime I cut my nails, I feel lifted.  I do not know why.  

Consequently, I closely monitor my nails and cut them when they grow a little bit.  

In fact I do not let them grow too much.  I am always ready to cut them.  Once again, please ask your doctor if it is alright to cut those nails.  I will not say more about nails.   I just believe that (in my humble opinion) they are health handicaps.

Coronavirus Natural Tips Four

Get a bucket full of hot water, a chair and place the bucket half full of hot water in front of the chair.  Now, sit and ask somebody to cover you with two or three blankets.  

The objective is to inhale the vapour in a confine environment, and making sure that the heat goes into both your nose or breathing system and skin.  That exercise will take a minimum of thirty minutes.
One will know if one is done when one is sweating all over the place like a donkey.

Your nose may be running (literally), or one may be yawning like a lion repeatedly.  After all that, one can feel asleep or tired.  Those are good signs.

Please note that this is a sauna.  One can do that once a week for at least two months.  The ultimate aim is to clean your breathing system, and get rid of all dirt in your skin.


Get a doctor approval before doing it.
Stop right away if you feel uncomfortable.
You do not have to do it if you do not want to.
Most importantly, do not burn yourself with the hot water.  If you are likely to fall into the hot water then ask someone to help or supervise you.  Do not do it  without your parents' permission if you are a teenager or child.

All good?  Best of luck.

Summary Of Coronavirus Natural Tips One To Four

Tips One
Deep your feet and hands in warm water for about one hour repeatedly.  Do it once a day.  Do not try it if your doctor says no.
Do not use a bath tube, but use a narrow bucket to boost or condensed the heat.

Tips Two

Yes, it is all about drinking ginger tea.  Please forget about other ginger teas.
Cut fresh ginger into pieces and boil it for tea regularly.  Do not try it if you are allergic to ginger or your doctor advises against it.

Tips Three

Cut all your nails (hands and nails) on regular basis.  Use a clean nail cutter. 
Please do not go against your doctor advice.

Tips Four

Inhale the hot water's vapour under two or three blankets while seating on a chair for at least thirty minutes to the point of sweating like a donkey and yawning like a lion.

Last point before I wrap it up.  Eat hot meal and drink hot drinks because corona virus wants to keep things cool.   Keep the social distancing in play at all times.  Wash your hands for about twenty seconds each time.  Self isolate yourself for fourteen days as soon as you feel any of the symptoms.  Get yourself a protective mask if you feel the need.

Alright, I hope I have not annoyed you with my tips.  Keep smiling and God willing we will see the back of that bad corona virus.

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You are bigger than the Corona virus.
I count on you to beat the Corona virus.
Stay tuned because soon I will be back with another article.

I wish you the very best.

This article is written by the
Founder Of understandingthesecretideas.com