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Curse Of Civil Disobedience

Civil disobedience is a curse that strikes a society when the level of dissatisfaction, inequality and distrust reaches the highest degree.

It does not start in one day, but builds up momentum over time.  Usually, the perpetrators think it is just a protest to get things changed. However, it is a self infringed curse because there are no winners or losers.  Everyone is a loser or cursed.

Factors Of Social Disobedience

The first common factor of civil disobedience is the unhappiness.
People are unhappy when they can not afford to eat or feed their family.
Yes, a hungry man is an angry man.  That is true.  It often leads to social unrest.

The second common cause of civil disobedience is the uncertainty. One is uncertain about paying rent, having a job, staying married, assuring children education and welfare.  One is also uncertain about paying bills and maintaining a decent living style. That uncertainty causes citizens to worry from the morning to evening with no end in sight. Really a worried person is a desperate being who is likely to protest at every opportunity.

The third common cause of civil disobedience is the frustration.
Those people that were doing well before are struggling. The same efforts that win bread, comfort and wealth are now falling. Sources of refuge and support have disappeared and one does not know anymore who to turn to or what to do. A climate of frustration is everywhere. People become angry and irritated. 

Most people are now angry with themselves, governments, employers and everyone. Something needs to be done. but there is no help. People needs things but they can't have them. They call for help but there is none.  All those things strengthen the frustration at every level of the society. In the end, that frustration leads to a crazy blame game that is followed by a savage witch hunt.

Those are the three main factors that cause a civil disobedience .

Now, how does a civil disobedience manifest? Let's find out more.

Manifestation Of Civil Disobedience

The curse of civil disobedience strikes both young and old, highly educated, lower and middle class citizens and almost every being in the society.

The first manifestation of a civil disobedience is the disrespect of basic laws. People turn against the basic laws. For example, people are not paying for their public transport journeys, they smash speed cameras, they block key road junctions in protest of the hardship that they are going through. And when the police is trying to restore order, they confront the police. Basically, they look for every excuse to infringe the law.

The second manifestation of a civil disobedience is the destruction of public assets.

In this instance the intensity of the curse is at the highest level to the point where one begins to hurt oneself. 

People begin to destroy for example traffic lights, burn hospital, school, roads, historic monuments and tourist attractions. Those public assets that are destroyed will be rebuilt one day when the dust is settled. It means paying more taxes.

People destroy police stations therefore rendering the police ineffective and letting criminals do what pleases them. People even burn ambulances, police cars, fire fighters engines and destroying bridges. All these will be one day be repaired by the tax payers and cause the government to borrow more money. It is really a self imposed curse when one is destroying valuable public asset.

The third manifestation of a civil disobedience is the irrational voting approach.
The right to vote in various elections is a fundamental right that all citizens exercise in a rational manner. However in an environment of civil disobedience , citizens often vote like an irrational person. Those irregular ways of voting often lead to extreme parties like the far right or left being elected. 

Without any consideration to the best national interests, people elect incompetent leaders that will ultimately drag the country into more perilous climate.
Once again, this is another manifestation of self created curse, punishment and suffering.

Why Civil Disobedience Is A Curse

Nothing good comes out of a social disobedience. So it is a curse.
It does not matter how one justifies the civil disobedience , the end result is more dissatisfaction. Like a cursed person, the society begins a cycle a failure. Surely, populous government will only strengthen the curse with many incongruous policies and mismanagement. 

No one and nothing will prosper in that curse. Businesses are destroyed, there is no job creation, investors run away with their funds, tourists stop visiting, students could not succeed with a higher grade results. Nobody dares to start a decent enterprise because of pessimism and fear. All in all nothing is working like before. 

Due to the highest level of distress, banks are not lending as they did before. The most courageous entrepreneurs are forced to close.   No question about it, it is a curse.

How To Remedy Curse Of Civil  Disobedience

The first step to remedy the curse of civil disobedience is to communicate
with all parties. Protesters must communicate clearly their needs to the government. The government must respond to those requests and find ways to resolve the impasse. That dialogue must be established at the early stages without delays. The sooner the better for both parties. It is amazing how people underestimate the power of communication. One can try all kinds of solutions but they must be sustained by a productive communication. Communication must be the first thing.

The second step to remedy the curse of civil disobedience is to make a sacrifice. This is not about religious sacrifice but a decision to postpone a vital project in favor of the needs of the protesters. For example a government postpones a plan to build new railways in favor of the urgent demand. Another sacrifice would be to reverse a previous policy that may pleased the citizens. A real sacrifice is needed when the whole society is rebelling against the government.

The third step to fix the curse of civil disobedience is to include possibly a competent person that represents the protesters in the government.  Usually, protesters feel excluded from the inner circle of powers;  therefore need a voice that speaks on their behalf.  

The fourth step to remedy to the curse of civil unrest is to increase wages.  An economic policy that helps businesses and entrepreneurs to increase wages will surely boost the mood.

Finally, the last step but not the least to break the curse of civil disobedience is to cheer people up.  That could be charities receiving aid that helps to give free welfare support to some.  It could be bringing forth policies that are more lenient.  Or just making sure that national sport teams are doing very well in global tournament like the Olympics or football world cup.  It could be a temporary VAT cut.

Something that will aid to reduce the climate of pessimism in the society.  Believe it or not, the root of all curse of civil disobedience is hopelessness. 


The curse of civil disobedience is real, but to solve it one must first isolate its causes and understand how it manifests.  In most cases, it is a self inflicted curse.  Nevertheless there are solutions that will gradually dilute it.  It is not because the heat becomes too high in the house that one must burn it.  

A more responsible, tolerant and inclusive approach is needed today to fix hot civil disobedience issues that bring the curse of social disobedience.  To disobey or not to disobey that is the biggest question in our society today.