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Degradation Of Benefit Of Doubt

The Benefit of the doubt has saved many innocent lives over the years.
Innocent men and women who found themselves in the wrong place have also escaped unjustified punishment, harassment, defamation and lost of time and resources.  

However, today that trend is changing because more and more people are victims of unjust witch hunt just as
someone fabricates false accusations against them.

Obviously, no one bothers to check the facts  before jumping around like a kangaroo.  More and more innocent people are not receiving the benefit of the doubt that they deserve.
Face with those unfortunate events,
one question becomes  unavoidable.

Is the benefit of the doubt degrading?  And how much more degradation can one put up with?

Key Factors Of The Degradation Of The Benefit Of The Doubt

No doubt social media has played a key role in the degradation of the benefit of the doubt.
Nowadays, it is easier than before to take gossips, fabricated or fake news as facts without looking a little bit deeper.
Even law enforcement agencies have fallen few times in the same trap.  People are prompt to jump into a quick conclusion because of their exposure to raw and unfiltered social media news.
All one needs is a very exciting news that brings in a large audience.  And the next day, a person's life may be under scrutiny or put in a mess. 

Another factor is the impatience.
People want everything fast and sometimes that causes many irrational behaviors.  People do not want to think things through or sleep over ideas, opinions, suggestions and news.  Men and women are speaking and thinking more and more as a group instead of an individual.  One is also more prone to accept and adhere to the general consensus instead of coming to a personal conclusion.

For instance, if a person is accused of something and most people think that yes he did it then others are more likely to accept that view without giving him the benefit of the doubt.

People are judging people based on their appearance, how they walk, talk and sound.  Oh if he walks and talks like them then he must be one of them.   Truly , this is probably one of the most abberative statements.  People are no more judged by what they do but what others think of them.

Consequently, many individuals have become outcasts to a certain extent due to the label attached to them.  Those people have not done anything wrong and they were not judged by a court, but they were treated like  criminals, outcast or unwanted.

What Is Happening To The Benefit Of The Doubt? 

So what will happen to innocent individuals that are denied the benefit of the doubt?

Are they just a collateral damage from the labeling, stereotyping and quick judgement?  Is it fair to just
marginalize them?  Though they have not done anything yet, others think they may in the future. Is it OK to punish them today for their future sins?

As one can see, that approach is completely irrational.  In fact
any system that removes the benefit of the doubt is abberative, dictatorial and suppressive.  Decent men should resist it and work against it in the legal framework until it is substituted with a better system.  

If one is very sure that he or she has a valid case against someone he or she must go straightaway to a tribunal to justify the case.   If the person can not go to court, and still needs more time or proof to justify his case then there is a problem.  That person is probably a liar and should not be trusted.

The world today will be a better place if everyone takes into consideration the benefit of the doubt in all dealings.  The ideas of certainty of things that one can not present in a tribunal should be cast out.

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