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#FakeNewsAndConspiracy Understanding

Fake News: How Would You Feel If You Were A The Center Of

A Fake News Conspiracy?

In a report released by Google in January 2016 titled "How we fought bad ads, sites and scammers in 2016," Google announced that it took action against 340 sites "that deceive people with their content" – including purveyors of fake news. Consequently, close to 200 of these sites are no longer allowed to use Google ads. Similarly, Facebook is also rolling out tools designed to crack down on so-called "fake news."

Indeed, the development of false or misleading information being widely distributed online became a major story line in the U.S. presidential race, that ended in the November election of Donald Trump. Fake news have become a big concern for high profile individuals as well as ordinary folks.

More and more comments on YouTube, online forums and posts on Twitter or Facebook often relate

to fake news, hoaxes, defamation and false allegations that have nothing to do with the topic in question. Their aim is to mislead, fool, manipulate or insult people. Many content creators and forum moderators face a bigger task of weeding out those enemies of the golden rule.

In most cases, those merchants of fake news would not like to be in a center of a fake news conspiracy. They do not think of the harm those fake news can cause others. Moreover, for them

an allegation is a truth. And no effort is made to verify the allegations before they are made public.

All they do care about is to gain more momentum, publicity, interactions and make more profit.

For those people, it does not matter whether others suffer or not.

How would you feel if you were at the center of a fake news conspiracy?

How would you feel if someone is defaming you?

How would you feel if someone writes insulting or false comments about you

or your love ones?

Would you be happy if a competitor is trying to denigrate your business profile?

Is it OK to spread false and damaging allegations about a person or organisation

for the sake of making more bucks?

Is it fair to distribute fake news to get even with your foes?

And one more time what it’s like to be at the center of a fake news conspiracy theory?

Fake News Are Dangerous Though They May Be Funny To Many

In December of 2016, a fake news story prompted a man to fire a rifle inside a popular pizza place, as he attempted to "self-investigate" a conspiracy theory that Hillary Clinton was running a child sex ring from there, police said. Source: (Jessica Gresko/Associated Press). In Canada, Conservative leadership candidate Kellie Leitch's campaign manager, Nick Kouvalis, has admitted posting false information about the Trudeau government in an effort to draw out left-leaning voters.

In another article published in Washington Post in January 2016 by Doris Truong,

Right-wing bloggers and Twitter posters had noticed a woman who they thought was taking pictures of the notes that Tillerson, a former Exxon Mobil chief executive who is Donald Trump’s pick for secretary of state, had taken during his Senate confirmation hearing. Instantly, they started to “investigate” whatever was going on. Before Doris Truong could do anything about it, someone had decided the woman was her. No one ever bothered to contact her, but it was this post that Twitter seized upon overnight. By the time she woke up, trolls had commented on social media channels besides Twitter. Her Facebook feed had dozens of angry messages from people she didn’t know, as did comments on her Instagram account. Even her YouTube channel attracted attention. Her emails and voicemail included messages calling her “pathetic” and a “sneaky thief.”

Remember that it takes time, energy and resources to build something. However, things that people

have built with blood and sweat can be destroyed in one day. Clearly, it is easier to destroy or demolish someone's work, reputation, integrity, honor or business without thinking of how much it cost them. Just in case, you think it is OK to spread fake news about others, think of how you would feel if you were at the center of a fake news conspiracy.

Finally, what looks like, appears as or seems like does always mean it is what it really is.

Stay away from a quick conclusion and thoroughly investigate allegations before calling them

facts. It is time for fake news and hoaxes to stop before more innocent people suffer the unpredictable consequences. Say together with me: DOWN GOES FAKE NEWS CONSPIRACY.