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Fear Of Coronavirus

No one wants to die or see love ones been taken away because that very bad coronavirus.  At a time when thousands of people have lost their lives within a month, the coronavirus has become the number one enemy that is making everyone afraid to a certain degree.

This article will discuss how to deal with the fear of coronavirus and help to understand how the fear of the coronavirus affects our immune system shield.
Let's get started.

Before everything, I would like to remind readers that dealing with the coronavirus fear is not about being bold and confronting it like anunwise person. 

One ought to follow the simple prevention measures underlined by World Health Organization (WHO) and the NHS.

Effect Of Coronavirus Fear On One's
Immune System

Fear makes one weak, irrational, emotional and helpless.  Fear helps the enemy to win easily. 

One that is afraid has already lost half of the battle because he or she can not even stand on both feet and think properly.

The fear of anything is not a good start.
In regards to the coronavirus fear, one is not helping one's immune system if one is afraid.  One will not take the most efficient decisions to combat the coronavirus if one is afraid.
Indeed, that fear will negatively impact the immune system shield. 

Think of it for a second.  Who is in charge of your body?   Tell me now, tell me now please.  Who is in charge of that body of yours that you are dragging everywhere?

Yes that is correct.  The person that is in charge is you (you are the spirit moving that body).  Please clear that once and for all and go over it.  You (name) are a spirit in charge of that physical thing called body. 
You are not the body.  Never and never.  The body is your temple.  Never doubt that.
Arise and shine today and accept gladly that you are a spirit that is able to heal that body from coronavirus.  Man does not die.
Oh yes, the spirit is immortal.  Only and only the body dies.  Wake up my dear before it is too late.

Just say: "I know who I am and I am in charge."

Say that as many times as you can until you start smiling broadly.

I have a question.  Here it comes.

What will happen if the captain of the ship jumps off and starts running away because of fear? 

Well, the ship will become a very dangerous place and it will likely sink.
You get it?  That is exactly what happens when one is afraid because of the coronavirus.  After you have been afraid for few days, stop and turn around and begin to follow the instructions given the World Health Organization (WHO) and NHS.
And above all ban that fear from your mind.

The person, Spirit is the one in charge of the body.  You the spirit must give direct orders to the immune system or boost it before it is too late.  

One can not afford to be afraid for too long.  One does not want to weaken the immune system shield at a time when it is really needed to be boosted.  Indeed, fear does not help the immune system.

Preliminary Coronavirus Fear

It is normal for a man or woman to be afraid of something he or she does not fully understand.  That is the preliminary fear.  That fear should never be allowed to take control of oneself.  

At one point, one must overcome it. If not, one can not think rationally and fight back.  It is your right to fight or confront that bad coronavirus or COVID-19.  Inaction and fear should be out of your system.  Your immune system is looking up to you.  Do something useful.
Refuse to bow to the coronavirus.

Say with me: 

 "I am bigger than the Coronavirus and I know it.  And the Coronavirus also knows that I am bigger than it.  I am a Spirit, life and light.
I am well above that Coronavirus.
Coronavirus comes but it has nothing in me."

You may argue and say look, I am getting weak, I am beaten or there is no hope.
Well, those are the facts, and we can not deny them. 

Hear me but hear me very well.
The fact is not the truth.  The truth will set you free.  That truth is that you are a spirit and you are bigger than that very bad coronavirus
Choose life and live.  Hold on to that truth.

Alright, please do not feel overwhelmed by what I am saying here.  Of course, the decision is yours.  I am just hoping that this article will be helpful to someone out there who really needs it.  That is all.
This is one the worst diseases that we have encountered in our generation.  I can not seat idle and just look in the air.  So this is one of my contributions.

Quickest Way To Conquer Coronavirus Fear

The quickest way to conquer the coronavirus fear is knowledge.  Believe it or not, all efforts to overcome that very bad disease converge to gaining more knowledge or understanding of the coronavirus

The day, we fully understand the coronavirus, we can finally fluently communicate with it and tell it:  "Hey Coro, enough is enough, the recreation time is over.  Get out of my body."

Go online and educate yourself more about that very bad coronavirus.  Visit educational forums about the coronavirus.
Watch decent YouTube videos from reliable sources such as the World Health Organisation or National Health Service.

Keep upgrading your knowledge.  Do not let facts take away the truth from you.

You are bigger than the Coronavirus whatever happens.  The truth remains, but facts will go.  Do not be afraid.  

If you are afraid then look at yourself and admire how afraid you are about the coronavirus.  After that, smile and confess that "Oh I was really afraid."

Now, put behind yourself that fear because the fear of the coronavirus does not help your immune system shield.

Final Thought About Coronavirus Fear

That is it friends and foes united in the fight against the number one enemy of mankind in 2020, the coronavirus.

I hope this article has been useful to many.  If this the truth, please share and bookmark it before it is too late.  I will really appreciate that.  Say few good words about us in various forums to spread the fight against the fear of the coronavirus.

Last point, please do not be too bold to the point of even bypassing simple precautionary guidelines to prevent and fight the coronavirus.  The fear deprives men and women from the truth and switch their intentions to the facts.  The facts are not very encouraging right now if one considers the multitude of people that have already died.  Nevertheless, the truth is that we are all a spirit in a body and bigger than the Coronavirus.  There is no more room for the fear of the coronavirus.

Arise and shine because your time has come.

I wish you the very best and do not give up the fight.  Stand up because you are a drop of spirit from the Spirit (GOD Himself).

This article is written by the
Founder of understandingthesecretideas.com website.