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Fortnite Season 10

Fortnite Season 10: New Updates, Missions, Maps, Leaks……..

Fortnite season 10 has come up with many new changes in the Battle Royale game. This season was released on 1st of August, and is liked by many Fortnite players.

The season 10, also known as season X, includes many modifications to the maps. For example, players may see a giant frozen meteor, arrival of Factories, Dusty Depot, and many other things.

Fortnite lovers can also encounter many other new things, including missions, Back Blings, battle star. Below are all the latest features added in the Fortnite Season 10.

Fortnite Season 10 Missions

Season 10 has come up with many new missions. All the missions are quite different from each other, and demand the next level of you. 

These missions are fun to play and allows you to progress in the game.

By completing these objectives, the player can earn different XP, Battle Stars, and other items. 

The battle pass missions are only present to the owners of battle pass. Every Thursday, battle pass owners can experience a new set of missions.

The player can complete these missions until the last day of the season. These Fortnite season 10 missions are newly introduced in the game, and they are a replacement to old weekly challenges. 

At the start of the season 10, three sets of missions were included.

Once you are done with normal missions, you will see prestige variants that are quite challenging, but deliver much better rewards. 

Below is the list of some of the Fortnite missions that you may experience in the season 10.

  • Junk Storm Mission
  • Smash & Grab Mission
  • Worlds Collide Mission
  • Spray & Pray Mission
  • Road Trip Mission
  • Rumble Royale Mission
  • Level-Headed (Season Level) Mission
  • Zero Point Challenges
  • Blockbuster Mission
  • Boogie Down Mission
  • A Helping Hand Mission
  • Space Race Mission
  • Knights of Honor Mission
  • The Leftovers Mission
  • Shootout at Sundown Mission
  • BRUTE Squad Limited Time Mission
  • These are some missions of the Fortnite season 10

Some of these missions are from the previous week, while some are latest and few are upcoming week’s missions.

Missions are updated every week so you will surely see many new missions in the coming weeks. 

A player can earn battle stars with the help of these missions. It also assists the player to rank up quickly, and get new rewards in the game.

Fortnite Season 10 Map Changes

There are many changes in the newest season 10 maps that add a new touch to the game. The new places added in the map are exciting to experience. Some of the changes in Fortnite season 10 are listed below:

  • Factory POI and Dusty Depot are the part of the new season 10 map as a replacement of Dusty Divot.
  • A Frozen Meteor POI is also the included on the latest map. This Frozen Meteor is added to the south of Dusty Depot.
  • Some trees and ground near Skeletal Remains have become pink.
  • The Zero point orb that was present at the Loot Lake has also exploded in the new map.
  • A new zone is now including at the core of the Lake. The player can hear strange voices inside it, and there are many floating objects.
  • A tropical resort area is added in place of the Block.
  • All the sky Platforms, including blimps, wind turbines, are removed.
  • Many slipstreams are also not available in the new season while some are still available.
  • The shack located the Fatal Fields that was demolished by the CUBE now includes some extra stairs.
  • More grass has been added in the Paradise Palms.
  • At the Welcome sign background near Paradise Palms, new Moisty Mire trees are added.
  • Red house present in Pueblo that was loaded with chairs now includes many TVs.
  • A castle near the Polar Peak now contain some pipes and toilets.
  • Many volcano vents have ceased running.
  • Near the Lazy Lagoon, a new gold clubhouse is added that hints the arrival of Lazy Links.
  • Metal Spaceship positioned at Outskirts has now become a wooden chair that was the part of pre-Season 7.
  • The crashed battle bus near Loot Lake has also disappeared.
  • A small part of snow has vanished from Viking Outpost location.
  • The tower located at the south of Lucky Landing has half transformed into a wooden hut.
  • Things present inside a shack in Pleasant Park has moved upside-down.
  • At the top of Northern warehouse, a telescope has appeared in Dusty Depot. The telescope is standing towards Frozen Meteor.
  • A chalkboard and laboratory have introduced in grey warehouse present in Dusty Depot.
  • The rift beacon is also including in Neo Tilted located facing towards Loot Lake.
  • The slipstream, at some point, has been removed.
  • The futuristic town is added in place on the Block tower and is surrounded by desert and a large dome.
  • The exterior and interior of the grey warehouse have been updated.
  • A new satellite was including at grey ware, and the interior now contains some extra computers and a new floor.
  • The rift beacon is formed at Mega Mall.

These are some of the changes made to the Fortnite Season 10 map. You may also encounter other transforming in the map while playing the game. Players might also see some more new changes in the game during the coming days.

Fortnite Season 10 Battle Pass

Season 10 has introduced many new battle pass. The battle passes are another method to gain different in-game rewards. These rewards include harvestings tools, outfits, Back Blings, emotes, wraps, gliders, and much more.

Players can also purchase these rewards from the Fortnite item shop. The price of these items is different. These rewards do not expire, which means that once you have earned the reward, it will stay with you forever.

There are free pass rewards also available for all the players. These rewards don't demand any purchase, but if you want to get the battle pass rewards, you have to spend some V-Bucks.

The Fortnite season 10 has also introduced the option to gift battle passes to friends. Through this option, the player is able to gift different battle passes to other players in the game. However, the friends battle passes option was only available until the 15th of August.

Fortnite Season 10 Skins

Fortnite season 10 got some amazing skins in the battle pass. These skins don't increase the strength of the player, but they add charm to the player character and make the character look good in the game.

Most of these skins are available on the Fortnite item shop while few of these skins can only be obtained by completing a specific mission. Below is the list of some latest Fortnite season 10 skins.

  • Catalyst
  • Eternal Voyager
  • Sparkle Supreme
  • Tilted Teknique
  • X-Lord
  • YonD3R
  • Ultima Knight

These are some of the skins from season 10. Fortnite releases new skins every season, so you may see many new things in the upcoming weeks.

The price of these skins vary from 950 V-Bucks to 2000 V-Bucks, and you can get these skins from the Fortnite item shop.

Fortnite Season 10 Back Blings

Many new Back Blings has also been included in the latest Fortnite Season 10. These Back Blings are a material hanging behind the player character.

However, the Back Blings has nothing to do with the player strength or ability. It is just a material that changes the look of the character in the game. There are some new Back Blings including in the new season. Below is the list of all the Back Blings:

  • Atmosphere
  • Dragon crest
  • Gameplan
  • Paint Pack
  • Star Shot
  • Trophy Sack
  • Spiked Satchel
  • Fortnite season 10 has reached its 4th week, and these are the Back 
  • Blings that are revealed by the officials up till now. 
  • You may see many new Back Blings in the upcoming days.

Season 10 pickaxe, Glider, Emote, Contrail, Music Rewards & Toy Rewards

Other than Back Blings, wraps, and skills, there are many other things also accessible in the Fortnite item shop. 

The player can purchase all the stuff from the shop by spending some V-Bucks.  You can get V-bucks by completing different missions in the game. These V-Bucks are not that much difficult to attain; you just need to show some good skills and can get many V-Bucks.

If one is finding it hard to earn these, V-Bucks, then one can spend some cash to purchase them from a trusted source. However, some of these things cannot be purchased via V-Bucks but can be attained by completing a particular mission.

List of Pickaxe

  • Cosmetic cleavers
  • Sparkle Scythe

List of Glider

  • Junk Bucket
  • Master Mix
  • Pixel Pilot
  • Steelwing

List of Emote

  • Jaywalking
  • Stride
  • Breakneck

List of Contrail

  • Rift Lightning
  • Beat Drop
  • Overlay
  • Celestial

List of Music Rewards

  • The Final Showdown
  • Sweet Dreams

List of Toy reward

  • Bottle Flip
  • Fancy Flip
  • All these stuff are attainable from the Fortnite item store. The above-mentioned things are from Fortnite season 10, week 1 to week 4. We will see many more weeks in season 10 of the Fortnite. So we might also see new things added to these materials.