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Free Depression Tips

According to Google definition, depression is a feeling of severe despondency and dejection.

It usually happens when self-doubt creeps in and swiftly turns to depression. One will usually

feel unhappy and hopeless for the future. Also, things that one once finds enjoyable or appealing

now are boring. Depression often leads to low activities and sadness. One does not want do anything, and at the same time one does not enjoy anything either. Though, one needs more help

than ever before, one does not see the point. One just wants to quit, hide and be left alone. In the worse case scenario, most people who suffer from depression will commit suicide if no one quickly spots the depression or help. Though, depression is life threatening, it does not happen in one day. I builds up and grows over time before it reaches a critical stage. Therefore, it is possible to prevent and avoid depression before it is too late.

Free Depression Tips One

When faced with any kind of problem, one should never leave it to fester.

Is there anything one can do to start solving the problem? If yes do it.

Is there anybody who can help? Talk to them.

It may be your employer, friends, relatives, member of parliament, Councillor,

lawyer, citizen advice bureau, GP, pastors, or friends from a dedicated internet

forum rooms. There is always a solution, something one can start doing to begin with at least. Sometimes, it takes time to get to those solutions. Always confront any problem knowing that you are bigger than any problem out there. Even the tiniest solution or help is better than no help at all.

Remember, never leave any problem to fester.

Free Depression Tips Two

Do not blame anyone even yourself. Blame makes human beings weak. Yes, it happens, but it

will end at one point and life goes on. It is easy said than done. Do not blame God or someone else. Take charge.

Know that you let yourself in at the first place, and surely by staying calm and patient, you will let yourself out again.

Never say my problem but always detach yourself from it.

Say instead that problem, that sickness, that issue, that depression but not my depression.

By detaching yourself from it, and taking charge, you will be able to see it clearer.

Try to answer the following questions until you feel a little bit better.

How far can you distance yourself from that depression?

How far can you project that depression?

How much in percentage of that depression can you take charge of?

Who have you blamed for the depression?

How bigger can you see yourself in comparison to that depression?

How much light can you shed onto that depression?

Do not blame anyone, detach yourself from it but take charge.

Free Depression Tips Three

Do everything that you can to find the real source or root of the problem that can lead to a depression. Cut through all the trivial bits until you find the real cause of the depression. One does not want to spend a lot of time fighting something else. One wants to deal with the heart of the matter until it is solved. The recognition of the root of the problem will allow one to deploy more efficient remedies

to uproot the problem before it turns into depression. If one does not find the real cause of the problem, one can waste vital time doing other things until it gets too late. Stay calm but persistent in finding the real cause. One may start listing things that cause such as a problem then slowly filter

out false causes until one reaches the real source of a problem that could lead to a depression.

Free Depression Tips Four

This my favorite step that I use myself any time I feel a little bit depressed. I hope, it helps

you too. Any time I feel low or down, I just dance. You may say to me, I do not know how to dance, but the question is can you move your body? If yes, then you can dance. It is very easy

and simple. What I do is I just dance without music. It sounds crazy, but it helps me all the time.

Just dance until you feel good. No music, but just keep dancing. Why it works? It is because of the law of action and reaction. As you dance without music, life will play the music to you later,

and life will smile to you more. Try it now. In fact, I recommend that you dance whenever

you can. If you are not shy, you can dance in public places without asking anybody's permission.

Feel free to dance for no reasons. As you do so, you will feel good. Your self esteem will rise and

your depression will diminish a bit. It works and is free.

Though, your depression is telling you that it is all gloom and doom, here you are dancing. It is a big challenge for the depression whenever you are dancing. As you are moving and shaking every cell in your body, you are sending them a message of happiness, and there is no reasons why every cell, organ and member of your body does not dance too.

It is powerful to dance because most people will only dance or shout a shout of joy or happiness

only after something great takes place. Nevertheless, here you are expecting something great to take place, and you believe that it is already taking place. That is why you are dancing. May be you will try this one and think it is silly, crazy or stupid, but just keep dancing more and more without music and do not stop until you recover yourself from the prison of the depression. You do not have to dance for hours, just one minute here and there but frequently. Smile while you are dancing. If you think you are faking it, that is OK. Keep faking it until it turns real.

Free Depression Tips  Five

Recite daily the following

To live is to live like a king (or Queen) without depression. I live therefore I reign like a King

(or Queen) without depression. I am the biggest thing in this universe whether I believe it or not.

I am bigger than the depression. I am born without depression therefore depression has not place

in my life. To live is also to occupy my space in this world, and that space is my kingdom. I take control of every inch of my space. I slowly but gradually recover every inch that the depression has illegally taken away. As it was at the beginning, so it shall be and it is now. Yes, at the beginning, I am the King (or Queen) of my space. I will only allow things, people or forces that I truly welcome into my space and I will deport anything that I do not welcome including the depression. I am what I am, not what others or the depression say that I am. I have compromised my space by allowing the depression in. Now I open the gates of my kingdom, and I deport the depression with all its

belongings because it has no place here. I now shut the gates on the depression and it is banned from my kingdom forever.

From today, I replace the depression with the following.

1/ Happiness

2/ Joy

3/ Pleasure

4/ Gladness

5/ Self Esteem

6/ Cheerfulness

7/ Liveliness

8/ Confidence

9/ Serenity

10/ Peace

I am born as a King (or Queen) and the prince of depression has nothing in me.

I am bigger than the depression and I will always remember that.

I now understand why I am depressed. I also know the secret that I am

the King (or Queen) of my own space or life.

Now, this what you should always do after you have finished to recite this daily dose of depression


Like a roaring lion, shout loudly and say: THE KING(or QUEEN) IS BACK.

One can memorize the daily dose of depression buster and recite it any time one feels the need.