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Getting Rich Purposes

Understanding Getting Rich: Purpose Of Getting Rich

To be rich is to have a great deal of money or assets. A rich person is also

a wealthy person. One that creates more wealth is rich. To become rich, one must

first know how to become rich. How to become rich?

While the answer to that question may be different from

one person to another, the accumulation of riches seems simple to many. If one wants more

money one can invest wisely or save more. Though, that may appear quite straightforward,

things may be more complex than they appear. Everybody who want to become rich must focus

on getting rich. Truly, without focus there is no success. Nevertheless, many who focus on becoming rich have never achieve their goal.

Faced with those observations, few pertinent questions do arise, such as

Is there another factor that will help one to become rich?

What is the real cause of getting rich?

How do others succeed in achieving their goal to become wealthy?

What is the fundamental cause of getting rich?

What is the first thing one should do if one wants to become rich?

Most importantly, what would put one on the right track to become rich?

What is the secret of getting rich?

How to become rich?

According to British Psychological Society Research Digest blog, a sense of purpose is the

main driving force instead of a strong desire for getting rich. Apparently, by having a sense of purpose in life, one is more likely to achieve the goal to become wealthy. Indeed, instead of wandering through life aimlessly, one must always have a purpose for which one is living.

Surely, that will help one to achieve many goals including getting rich. Many do fail in their quest to become rich because they shoot aimlessly at their goal so to speak. One may focus on getting rich but one will fail to do so if one does have a sense of purpose in life. The research also found that the correlation between a sense of purpose in life and greater wealth accumulation was distinctly pronounced among young people. It is also evident that an impactful life is life with a concrete aim or purpose. Though, it was difficult to identify which purpose produces more wealth,

I believe, purposes such as making the earth a better place, having electricity or internet in every

household or eradicating diseases in the world can boost one's desire of getting rich.

What is your sense of purpose in life?

Where do you see yourself in twenty years?

Why are you here on earth?

Are you working towards your own goals?

Are you working hard for another's goal?

Have you lost a sense of purpose in life?

What could replace the sense of purpose in life that you have lost?

Do you accept that having a sense of purpose in life could help you

achieve your goal to become rich?

Should you pursue, not pursue money or purposes? That is the question.