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Golden Rule Examples

The Golden Rule Examples

According to Wikipedia, The Golden Rule or law of reciprocity is the principle of treating others as one would 

wish to be treated oneself. It is a maxim of altruism seen in many human religions and cultures.

It is very simple but can save one from big challenges. Do to others as you will also expect from them. Is that 

difficult? Yes and no.

It becomes difficult when one thinks that others deserve to be treated differently.

It is easier when one loves others.

If someone insults you, you will want to insult them too because they deserve it and you have never 

insulted them. Though, you do not want to be insulted, in that instance, it was fair to you that you should 

get even.

Now imagine that the person who insulted you is someone that you dearly love. For example, your 

grand father, mother or best friend. Would you insult them because they have insulted you?

Generally, about seventy fifty percent of the people will refrain from insulting their love ones, thirty 

percent will retaliate and twenty percent will be undecided.

Now let's talk about the golden rule without limit.

Suppose, one is working for a corporate or employer and one is asked to do something that violates

one's golden rule. What should one do? Should the golden rule be limitless?

One also understands that it is one's duty as an employee to fulfill the engagements of one's contract 

though some of them do violate one's principles or golden rules.

Let's say one of your golden rules is to tell the truth because one wants the same from others.

Now, you are working for a big corporate or someone else, and one their product does not 

meet the standards. Everybody in the firms knows it but you have been briefed never to divulge 

that negative information to anyone. Will you limit your golden rule in this case? Now, one has 

to chose between the loyalty to one' s employer and oneself.

Should the golden rule be limitless?

Is the golden rule practically impractical?

Is it true that the golden rule becomes easier when there is love?

Should one violate one's golden rule to retaliate?

Do you agree that love or affinity is the fulfillment of the golden rule?

What is your understanding of the golden rule?

Lastly do you apply the golden rule?

For me, I think, the world will become a better place if we all endeavor in all our decisions to adhere to the golden rule. It is not easy, but it is worthy trying. The next time you are about to do something and make a decision to use the scale of the golden rule.