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Good And Bad Hypocrisy

There are good but also really bad Hypocrisies.
Generally a hypocritical behavior is often negative, but there are times when a hypocrite is not really hypocrite.

Factors That Make Hypocrisy Negative

The main factors are bad intentions. And to find those intentions, one can ask the following questions.

What are the intentions that lead to hypocritical attitudes?
Were they well or ill intentioned?
Are their primary purposes to ruin or trick another?
Were the hypocritical behaviors carefully presented as friendly though they were not?
By asking those questions, one will
isolate the hypocrisies that are
intrinsically negative.

Factors That Justify Good Hypocritical Attitudes

Good intentions such as
1/ intention to protect
2/ to safeguard something unique.
3/ to draw attention to something
4/ to defend privacy.
5/ to keep a good vow one has made.
6/ to help another that is in real trouble.

Examples Of Good Hypocrisies

Suppose one is a defender of honesty, and one values that in all dealings. So one day one's daughter is sick and one called his employer and lied that one is sick. Though one has always talked about honesty, one may be called a hypocrite in that instance. Nevertheless, one is only hypocrite in a good way to protect one's daughter.

2/ A rich person who lives lavishly, but believes in fairness is on a mission to defend the right of the poor in his country. He talks about the gap between the rich people and poor, but refuses to talk about his wealth. One may argue that he is a hypocrite, but his hypocrisy is far from negative because his intentions are genuine. He is a hypocrite only to defend his belief in the principles of fairness.

3/ A wife who always accuses his husband of lying has lied to her husband just to safeguard her marriage.
Every Wednesday after work, she goes for a thirty-minute counselling
session not far from her workplace.
However she did not want to tell her husband.

By doing so, she was getting home late every Wednesday. Consequently, the husband became suspicious and asked for an explanation. She replied that there are engineering works every Wednesday that are affecting her rail journey. Of course that was not the case. She was just seeking counselling to address her fear about their marriage. As that has been going on for more than a month, the curious husband went to investigate. He found out that, no engineering works were taking place. Yes, she was hypocrite but in a good way.

Examples Of Bad Hypocrisies

1/ A Simple example would be a husband who goes on preaching against spying on wives. A person who even receives an awards for being a defender of women' s liberty.
Nevertheless, all that time, he was
actively spying on his wife from home to work and back again using private investigators.
What a hypocrite!

2/ A person who hate the Jews goes on a hypocritical mission and carefully plans everything. His strategy is very simple.
a/ Be friend the Jews and win their trust.
b/ Report to the Jews innocent people as antisemitic.
c/ Quietly collecting valuable information about the Jews at the same time.
What a hypocrite!

Generally, all negative hypocrisies bear the same pattern.
Pretend to be doing good or being sincere or caring but keeping the real evil intention under cover.

3/ A politician who goes to war against tax evaders and preaching that everyone should pay their fair share of taxes while using every trick in the book to evade the tax officers. Someone who is advocating for tax evaders to be put behind bars ought to adopt an exemplary attitude when it comes to paying taxes.

Hypocrites love to spend time polishing their image while leaving the content or inner parts untouched. One of the common characters of the hypocrites is keeping a dignified appearance. It must be impeccable, irreproachable and spotless. Everything else comes after.

Most decent people become hypocrites in a good way. However,
the ugliest hypocrites resort to bad
hypocritical behaviors. At the end of the day, one will only filter out the bad hypocrisies from the good ones if one weights the initial intention.