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Guilty Before Innocent

Let's cut all the nonsense and face the facts as they are. In this century, men have spent too much time on making sure everything looks good, spotless and cool, but at the same time little has been done when it comes to real substance. That exactly what happens when we spend hours preaching that no one is guilty until proven guilty. It is nice and more appealing to make such a statement when the truth is far from that. It does not matter how beautiful the package is if one opens it and it stinks well one has to bin it.

Yes, it is important to make sure that the outer parts looks perfect because the first impression counts.
It is also necessary that men aspire to better values in life. Those values that we all hold dear will only help us if we try to put them into practice. One can decorate walls and monuments or write on the forehead of everyone those slogans, they will not change a corrupt inner being.

Remember, the last time you get hold of something beautiful that has not value. It looks very appealing and deserves your attention, but fails to satisfy your needs. The question that everyone is asking is are we prioritizing the outer pane instead of the inner one?

Today, people are very quick to treat a suspect as a guilty person and the presumption  of innocence is trampled upon over and over.
Is it because of the social medias?
Or have we all been brain washed to believe everything? Are men and women being easily manipulated?
Can one today make a clear analysis or decide for oneself without following the crowd?
What has changed?

Just one tweet, a social media post can tarnish the reputation of a decent person. The problem is not the post itself, but how everyone just takes it as the whole truth.
The best approach would be to take it in, digest it and sleep over it then investigate. That would be a reasonable attitude. Wouldn't it?

Even those that look really really suspicious may still be innocent.
They should be treated as an innocent person that is being investigated instead of the guilty party straightaway.

Now, understand this. In a law abiding country, only a judge in the presence of a prosecutor, the accused, his solicitor and a jury can pronounce a person guilty or not guilty. Sometimes, a judge can make mistakes, and the accused can still appeal.

I personally find it bizarre that people say oh yes, he is just being investigated, and at the same the allegations are treated as the whole truth in the absence of the court.
A person 's life can be turned upside down just because one is treated as a guilty person before proven guilty.

If he walks, talks, acts or reacts like a guilty person then he is guilty. Everyone agrees? So an actress who plays the role of the virgin Mary is really virgin and Mary.

I believe that in a civilized society, a person's freedom, dignity and privacy should not be trespassed before he is proven guilty. Another question that remains is how long (maximum) should a person be investigated?
It does matter, how much money the person will be paid if he has been harassed, bullied, intimidated wrongly. Money can not repairs all those sufferings.

A person may looked really guilty or tick every box, and still be innocent.   The presumption of the innocence should always prevail.
Bring the accuser, accused and his solicitor in front of a court as soon as one is so convinced that the person is guilty. Time, resources and lives will be saved when conflicts are quickly brought to light.
Let there be light so that the real guilty parties face the justice.