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Hoax: Should One Be Afraid Of Hoax?

Hoax: Should One Be Afraid Of Hoax?

A hoax is an act intended to deceive or malicious deception.

A trick that leads into believing or accepting as true something

that is false.

Have you ever been hoaxed?

Are you fighting against a hoax at the moment?

Do you know someone who has been hoaxed?

Are you afraid of being hoaxed?

Why would someone hoax you?

As someone who has been hoaxing others, how would you feel if you

have been hoaxed?

Those are the questions that pop up when I hear the word hoax.

However, the most important question today is should one be afraid of hoax?

Yes, because it is a threat but also a dangerous threat.

Imagine being labelled a terrorist when you are not.

Imagine being level a fraudster when you know you are far from it.

Imagine that you are labelled a pervert when you have nothing in common

with the real perverts.

Imagine being called a thief when you did not steal anything.

Now, should you be afraid of hoax even though you are innocent?

Should you take measures to confront those who will try to hoax you?

Do you believe that hoax is a dangerous threat?

Do you think that it is easier in the modern world of fear,

to hoax foes, competitors, adversaries and people that you do not like?

Pause for a second and think of how would the person that has been hoaxed cope with the pressure, harassment, abuse and fabrications. Do you think that the investigators should investigate both the accused and person that started the hoax?

Nowadays, the world has become a factory of hoaxes. People hoax others to earn thirty pieces of silver. People hoax others to win a competition. One starts a hoax to destroy foes or adversaries.

Other create hoax to create confusion, divisions and fear. Though, it comes in many shapes and forms, it is poisonous and infectious. The other side of hoaxing is that it cost investigators millions of dollars. Now the question is, how much money has been wasted dealing with those timely hoaxes?

A hoax is a fabrication, deception or lie that aims to make another looks like something that he or she is not. A hoax is also a defamation or distortion of another's character. It is a vicious and dishonest way to win. Those who hoax others have common goals. And those goal are

to cheat, to distract, to destroy, to confuse, to steal, to harm, to deceive and above all to overcome or overwhelm others under the cover of a hoax.

As the number hoaxes continue to rise, it is now urgent that investigators or law enforcers are well equipped or trained to identify hoax perpetrators before it too late. Investigators must not treat allegations as truth until facts are established. They also ought to refrain from treating the accused as a guilty person as the investigation is under way. There should also be other investigators that are investigating those are conducting the investigation so they do violate basic rights of the accused or those who are in fact victims of the hoax.

Considering that more and more people are victims of hoax, it is now urgent that those perpetrators

pay the price of their hoax because they have mislead the law enforcement agencies and defame the accused. It is also cardinal that those who are victims quickly report the hoax. They must gather vital evidences such as photos, videos, audio or anything that can help to identify those evil workers. They must report everything they know or suspect about the hoax to the police as soon as possible. They must tell their friends and relatives.

They should also contact their MP or mayor.

In all circumstances, they ought to remain calm, not to panic or become aggressive in any way.

The hoax perpetrators often target innocent or vulnerable people. It is urgent that the government recognizes that threat and danger and protect its citizens against those malicious hoax.