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How To Confront Something

Have you ever heard someone saying: I do not like to confront or I hate to confront?
Probably you have heard that few times before.  Commonly, people refrain from confronting 

anybody or anything just because they see it as a negative behavior.  However, it is necessary

that one learns to confront.

What Can One Confront?

One can confront oneself, another and others.  One can also confront problems, obstacles, 

resistances, situations, challenges and anything one decides to confront.  One can confront 

the weather, winds, history and realities.  It is possible to confront weaknesses, ignorance and 

sicknesses.  Now that you realize that you can confront anything, you are now ready to learn 

how to confront.

Step One How To Confront

The first step to confront anything is to look at it from a safe distance.  The safe distance is very 


A beginner who wants to confront a crab may chose to look at it from ten meters.  Another person 

may say twenty or two meters away.  However, a person who is not afraid of a crab will hold it in 

his hands.  In theory the ability to confront is inversely proportional to the distance one can comfortably 

look or admire what one wants to confront.

So a person with better confronting skills relates to a shorter safe distance but another with lower ability 

to confront will keep a long distance.

So a person may begin to confront something or someone twenty meters away and steadily reduce that 

distance to zero when one is no more afraid of what one is facing.

Second Step How To Confront

The second step to confront something is to face it.  Usually when a person is afraid of something he 

turns his back to it.
A person turns his back to a lion as soon as he sees it and begins to run because he is
afraid.  One can look at something from the sideways without facing it.
People look down when they talk to someone they are scared of.  To face also means to dedicate a 

full attention to it and solely focus on it.
To face means be ready to fight, resist or hold one's position. 

To face does not always mean that one has the power to confront.  To face is one of the first step to 

confront something.  Imagine fighting something without facing it.  That would be irrational.

The Third Step How To Confront

To confront something is to understand it.
In fact this is the most important step to confront anything.  Imagine those who invented vaccines.  

One will agree that they understand the disease that they are confronting to the point of creating a 

vaccine to deal with it.  Truly if one understands one's adversary, one will also understand their 

weaknesses and exploit them.  Whatever one is confronting, it is paramount that one understands 

it or at least begin to do so.  As one gains more understanding, one will slowly but surely
defeat it. 

What is your challenge today?
Take that step and begin to gain more knowledge and wisdom about it.
It is written in the Bible that my people die because of the lack of knowledge.

Do you know that lions kill human beings
and human beings also stay away from lions.  Now, imagine a person who has learnt to understand 

lions to the point of even daring to play football with lions.

Oh yes, you could not believe that.
Watch this video at the bottom of the page about the lion whisperer Kevin Richardson in South Africa.

Now, you understand why people are dying.

People die only when they do not fully understand what they are going through.
That is it.  Understand what you are confronting first then it is no more a problem or that problem is 

gone or under control.

Fourth Step How To Confront

The fourth step to confront anything is the combination of the first three steps.
That is love.  It is like winning an enemy over to the point where he or she becomes an ally. 

Remember the last time you said "Oh I used to hate garlic before but now I love it".
"I used to hate literature before but not now". 

Indeed, it will be easier to understand what one loves.  One can easily face it without any worry.  

Moreover, one does not have to keep a safe distance from what one loves.  Instead, one can 

come closer and closer to it and even embrace it.  Finally, love understands, comes closer and 

faces anything.  Obviously, one does not confront what one loves. 

Note that love in this contest is not just a feeling or any types of relationship.

It is a force that is split into three.

1/ Desire to understand what one is confronting.
2/ Desire to face what one is confronting.
3/ Desire to be in the proximity or take the place of what one is confronting.


The ability to confront is an essential ability that many lack.  For that reason,
people are helpless when they face a problem or danger.  From today, with
those four specific steps, one can learn
to confront something that may come.

As always, I enjoy writing this article and I hope it has been useful to you.  If that is the case, 

feel free to share it on social media.

This article is written by George Beaulieu.