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How To Kill Flies In Your Room

Flies are dirty insects that love to fly in people's living room.  They are an uninvited guesses
that are busy spreading bacteria all over the place.  It can be challenging to get rid of them without 

breaking something valuable.  Many have smashed their vase or TV in the process of killing a dirty fly.
That dirty fly should not bring havoc into your living room or dwelling place. In this article, I will tell you 

how I kill those dirty insects.

How I kill flies

Flies naturally love things that have bad odor.
Odors that you and me hate are those that flies enjoy.  If it is disgustingly smelly, one can bet that flies 

will be roaming around it.  Now, everyone would agree that flies would still be floating in a clean and 

spotless habitat if the windows and doors are open. 

So it becomes clear to me that both clean and dirty places do not bother flies.  Normally, one would 

expect that flies would avoid a nice and clean place.  Or at least bugger off if there is nothing smelly 

or dirty around.  No, they do not mind sitting on the most expensive sofa or champagne glasses. 

After all, I finally find what really pisses off those undesirable guesses. I ask that essential question: 

what do flies hate?
I tried many insecticides and flies killers to find exactly what annoys flies.  Really, it is not a chemical 

substance or something more complex.
As I go into the minds of the flies I discovered that really good scent annoys flies.
Indeed, nicely smelling parfums annoy flies.
What they hate most is to be sprayed with an aromatic substance.  A fly would commit suicide if it is 

being sprayed with a nice scent.  A fly is defiled when it scents good.
Flies deeply dislike good scent.  They hate themselves even more if they are sprayed with a parfum. 

So to kill flies I do not just spray in the air parfums, but I wait and make sure that the parfum touches 

the flies.  Once that happens, they stop flying around.  They gradually become inactive.  Moreover, it 

is now for me to decide how I want to kill them.  It is also easier to kill them without breaking anything 

valuable after spraying them with a good scent.
One may say that good scents do curse flies.  Once that parfum touches them, they are cursed, doomed, 

confused and disoriented.

How To Kill Flies Cheaply

Now that you know that flies deeply hate to be sprayed with a nicely smelling substance, you can save 

money and effectively kill flies in your living room after you have let your windows open.
No more need to buy the most expensive
insecticide.  You can now use ordinary and less expensive body spray to win the fight against dirty, ugly 

and stubborn flies that are trespassing your beautiful space.

What Happens When Parfums Touches Flies

First you can hear the fly cursing everyone around. 
Second a fly is almost unable to continue buzzing.
Third a fly becomes almost fifty percent inactive
Fourth a fly will hang onto something waiting for the curse (good scent) to wear off.
In that instance, be sure to spray the dirty fly as many times as you pleased or just kill it with a piece of toilet 

paper as it becomes confused.

The next time you see a fly roaming in your flat, do not use a hammer or pistol to kill it.
Remember that flies hate to be sprayed with a good scent.  Be sure that the parfum touches it few times 

before you finish it off.  It is not sufficient to spray the room with the parfum.  That would be a waste.  Be 

sure it touches the flies.

So go ahead, have fun killing stubborn flies with cheap body sprays.  That is it.