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How To Solve Problems Fast

Have you ever tried to solve a problem that seemed like unsolvable?  Have you come across a simple problem that gave you a hard time? Do you remember a time when you solved a problem very fast? 
What problems would you consider solvable?
What problems would you consider unsolvable?

Time Factor In Solving Problems

Would you be able to solve an unsolvable or complex problem if you were giving enough time?
Truly, many would have solved certain problems that they have failed to solve before if they were giving enough time.  One needs enough time to solve difficult problems.
Years ago people died because of sicknesses that have no cure.  Those so called incurable diseases became easy to cure today because the mankind have had enough time to find the appropriate cure or vaccine.  

A person that had died from tuberculosis years ago could have survived it if he or she had enough time to find the solution.
A person who has enough time to defend himself from an attacker could have avoided being overwhelmed.  The time factor plays a key role in solving problem.
Even if one already had the solution, one needed enough time to apply it before it is too late.

To Solve Problems Fast Tips Number One

The first thing one should always remember is to never waste precious time.
Wasting time can make a simple problem
become complex.  Suppose one always has a headache after a day at work.
If one does not see a doctor, it may end badly. One must do something to address it before it is too late.

One of the reasons why people waste time is because they spend precious time fighting symptoms or reactions instead of nailing the real cause.

To Solve Problems Fast Tips Number Two

Find the real knot or cause of the problem and focus only on that.  Do not worry about the effects or reactions.  Many may already know this, but they do not deal with problem in this manner. 
Take for example a very jealous wife who could not stop thinking that her husband will cheat on her.  How a husband can solve that problem?

Well it must find the first thing that caused her to become jealous for the first time in her life.  Then go for a therapy to address that excessive jealousy.
Take also a child that always like to steal things.  Get to the root of the problem instead of blaming or punishing the child.

It could just be the fact that someone has stolen the child's toy in the nursery and no one has done anything about it.
So now he thinks it is a fair play to steal too.  And the child thinks it is normal and justified.
It is amazing how today even people with high qualifications do not know that one must tackle the real cause of the problem instead of the reactions if one really wants to solve the problem.

To Problem Very Fast Tips Number Three

Have the adequate tools and skills to solve the problem.  Are you capable of solving the problem?  If not seek the experts.  The last things one wants is to make matters worst as one is inadequately trying to solve the problem.  Do you have the tools to solve the problem?
Do you know how to use them?

Do you have the knowledge and skills to
to solve the problem?  If not seek a qualified person.
Even if one has enough time, and one finds the real source of the problem, one will not solve the problem if one lacks the competence and tools needed.

To Solve Problems Very Fast Tips
Number Four

Know the difference between fixing a problem and solving it.  A person who is fixing a problem but thought he is solving it is making a big mistake.  Usually to fix a problem means to use temporary measures to stop it.  It is fixed but not solved.

Imagine there is a leakage in your kitchen, and you are not a plumber. However, you know how to shut down the water main tap.  So you quickly closed the water main source beneath the sink, and turn off its tap. 

Well done!  The leakage has stopped but the real problem is not solved but fixed.
To solve and fix a problem are two distinctive goals.  A person who wants to solve a problem must know whether it is fixed or solved.  Indeed, a person who is fixing a problem will not waste vast amount money as he understands that it is only a temporary solution.


So there you have it the four tips that will help one to solve a problem faster.
Do not waste precious time.
Find the real cause of the problem.
Have the adequate tools and skills
or call in the experts.

Know the difference between fixing and
solving a problem fast.  A person can waste
time and resources if he does not know
how to solve a problem faster.

I hope you have enjoyed this article and it
was helpful.  If you really like it then feel free to share it on the social media.  Thank you for reading.