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Loving Oneself Secret Ideas

Love: Why You Should Love Yourself

Love thy neighbor like thy self. Love your neighbor like yourself.

Indeed, it is always unwise to pick a fight with one's neighbor. One would

rather keep peace at home. And to guarantee peace in one's neighborhood,

the safest way is to love thy neighbor like thy self. You may be wondering

who is your neighbor?

Is my neighbor the family next door or down the road?

Why should I love my neighbor like myself?

Do I love myself at the first place?

How do I love myself? Is loving oneself means one is selfish or egocentric?

And most importantly, why should I love myself?

Before we continue let's define who is our neighbor. Our neighbor is not only those who live on the same street like us or those that we know but any other human being. This includes strangers,

foreigners, people from different background, religion, ethnic, tribe or race and the people that are familiar to us. Those are our neighbors.

However, before one can love one's neighbor like oneself one must first love oneself.

If one does not love oneself, one can not love one's neighbor like oneself. Similarly, one have

enough in order to give. Therefore, if one does not have, one can not give.

Do you love yourself like you love your love ones?

Do you love yourself like you love your best friends?

Or do you neglect yourself more than anybody else on the face of the earth?

Do you treat yourself with respect, dignity and love?

When was the last time, you congratulate yourself?

Tell me the most recent occasion when you thank yourself?

Do always wash your tea cup before pouring fresh tea inside it?

How would you feel if someone offers you tea in a dirty cup?

Do you always spend less on yourself?

Would another person appreciate the way you treat yourself?

When was the last time you lie to yourself?

Are you using yourself like a machine without rest?

Do you always take good rest when needed?

When will you stop treating yourself like a piece of garbage?

At lastly, how would you feel if you always treat yourself like a VIP?

Truly, most people treat themselves less than they would treat others in

many ways. In fact this is a big error because one is more likely to be treated

by others the same way they treat themselves. I know this may be difficult

for many to accept but it is happening all the time. To put it bluntly, one can

not expect others to treat oneself with respect if one does not show a minimum

respect to oneself. The love of oneself is the beginning of love but also the foundation

of love. It is by mistake that they say love thy neighbor like thy self. The love of oneself

is not being selfish but it is more about building a strong foundation or being first the source

of love.

Would you promise me that as from today, you will make sure you give yourself the very

best and more importantly continue to show yourself more respect, dignity and love.

Be honest with yourself first then you will learn how to be honest with others.

Do not lie or make false promises to yourself. That would be unfair and be ready to forgive

yourself. Be the first to congratulate and thank yourself and always look at yourself with

high regards without being arrogant or egocentric.

As one begins to love oneself more and more, one will have enough love for others.