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Man Lives By Principles

A man of principle will do everything to protect, defend and promote his principles. A man of principles lives or dies for those principles. They are not negotiable. Moreover, a man will not compromise those core principles or ways of man

Usually a man has five essential principles that he cherishes. Those principles are classified by order of authority. The first two principles are untouchable or holy. Truly, when anyone violates any of the first two principles, that person can expect a retaliation. A man of principle finds it really difficult to forgive if another infringes his five core ways of man or principles. A man can even kill (not always though) for those principles.

In effect, the higher rating principles are the foundations of one's life.
Sometimes, men die just because those principles has been gravely compromised.
For example a man whose number one core principle is freedom of speech may become ill, suffer losses or even die in circumstances where laws or other things have severely compromised his freedom of speech. The same thing could happen when that person realizes that there are more threats to his first highest principle.

There is a moving story that emphasizes why human beings live by
Years ago, there was a couple who has only one son. They love him dearly. They did everything to make him happy and proud. One day that son died. Few weeks later after they buried him, the couple committed suicide. That story illustrates how men do not see any more reasons why they should live after their number one man's principle is violated. That couple only live for their son. Nothing else matters more than that. Their number one principle is not negotiable. They lived for him and wanted him to be well and enjoy life. For those reasons they only live for their only son.


One should not do the same thing like that couple. The story is to demonstrate that men only live by principles.
In other words, the foundations of one's life are one's core principles that one holds dear.
Another example would be a man who survived cancer after strengthening his core principles. Indeed, men could swiftly recover from certain sicknesses if they emphasize or amplify one of their first two core principles. One can also compare those principles to the sources of life units. A man whose first core principle is fairness usually surrounds himself with people with the same belief. 

On the other hand, he will avoid those who are negating it. He also could become a very patriotic citizen if his country promotes one of his core principles.
The same person will resist or become a rebel if he comes across any form of unfairness. Others may argue and say to him that they do not care about fairness, but that will not discourage him at all.  His whole being is hooked onto those principles.

There is another group of people whose first core principle is the integrity.
Those people wear their integrity like a garment of honor. Those men and women will not fear anything that tries to bring into question their integrity. They will promptly confront or challenge anyone or anything that tries to undervalue their integrity.

Finding Out More About The Core Principles

Knowing Your First Five Core Principles or man's ways?
To understand one's core principles, one must begin to ask the following questions.

Name your first two principles in life in order of the highest importance?
Which principles would you not allow another or others to compromise in life?
Name two men of principles who live by their ways of life.
What is the difference between a principle and belief?
What is the meaning of living by principles?
Define a principle.

What are the three principles in a man's life by Martin Buber?

Who is Martin Buber?

Who are you?

How would you amplify your core principles?
Name two principles you would rather not promote because it is detrimental to others.
What is your number one core principle that you live for?

Note that those principles are not always ethical, but one will be better off having a highly ethical core principles. Sometimes, people do live for wrong principles that are detrimental to others.   For example, Adolf Hitler was living by the principle that a pure German race is superior to all other races.

With that principle, he caused so much harm to others especially the Jews.
A another example is the group of white supremacist
KKK whose principle is that all black person should be suppressed.