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Minecraft Earth

Minecraft Earth Will Let You Experience AR Gameplay With New Features

Minecraft is among the most popular gaming series in the gaming world. The first game of this series was released back in 2011 by Markus Persson. Since then, Minecraft is able to attract a good reputation in the market.

Recently, the developers have come up with the new idea in the name of "Minecraft Earth." It is an upcoming augmented reality game that is going to release in 2019. The game was first announced on 17th of May in 2019, and since then gamers are very much excited about it.

However, the exact Minecraft release date is not yet revealed by the officials, but it is confirmed that this game will be distributed in 2019 although the Minecraft Earth beta release is currently live in different cities, including Tokyo, Stockholm, Seattle, and London.

It is a free-to-play game that is quite similar to Pokémon Go. Just like the Pokémon Go, the player will be able to encounter digital elements in an actual world and interact with these elements in different methods. 

Minecraft Earth gameplay is similar to the previous game of the series.

The game focused around, crafting, building, exploring, structures, and resources. Players are allowed to construct augmented reality structures and collect different resource by tapping on tappable.

In Minecraft Earth gameplay, the player can collaborate with friends and can build different things with them using Build plates. The player can only build on a flat surface via the smartphone. Once you are done with the building process, you can places it in the AR world so that other player can also see.

Minecraft Earth Features

Minecraft Earth offers many news features in the game. This game uses data from Open Street Map to add map information in the game. The augmented reality features will also be the part of the upcoming Minecraft Earth. This augmented reality is developed on Microsoft Azure to add extra realistic effect.

The player can team up with the friends and construction things using build plate. Not only this, but players can also enter the constructed building in reality, which is an amazing thing.

The best thing is it's a free to play game on both iOS and Andriod device. So you don't need to spend a single penny to experience this game. In Minecraft Earth game, the earth is your map, start constructing and exploring new things.

Minecraft Earth Vs. Minecraft

If you look at Minecraft Earth and previous games of the series, you will see many changes in the current release. The Minecraft Earth has come up with numerous latest mobs and other resources.

One major factor that makes Minecraft Earth different from the other Title is that it has an augmented reality game, just like the Pokémon game. Minecraft Earth is the first game with AR world. 

It offers a more realistic effect and allows you to collaborate with other players in the real-life world.

However, similar to the former editions, Minecraft Earth offers construction, crafting, exploring, and gathering different resources. These are various in-game currently available in the latest Title that authorizes the player to purchase various stuff.

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