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Money: The Power Of Money Today

Money The Power Of Money

Money is a current medium of exchange in the form of coins and banknotes.

It is also a medium that can be exchanged for goods and services.

In fact, it is almost impossible to live nowadays without money. Similarly to the

oxygen, money is an indispensable commodity. Indeed, the more money one has, the more

purchasing power one has. Though money can not buy you love, it has a tremendous power.

Do you remember the last time you bought someone a very expensive gift that was not appreciated?

You knew how it cost but the receiver did not know. Now, would that person be more grateful if you gave 

him or her that sum of money? Or would that person be very upset if they knew how that

useless gift has cost? Would you accept that money has the power to change our moods for good or bad?

Let say that you have received a gift that you really like. You are very happy and grateful.

Would you more be joyful if you knew that it costs a lot of money? How would you feel, if you

discovered that in fact the gift cost a penny? Would you accept that money may affect your

initial reaction? Clearly, money has power, but it becomes more powerful due to its scarcity.

The Scarcity Of Money

Money does not grow on trees. Men and women must work to earn more money.

Moreover, it is not free or readily available when needed. One could not just print

money as one would like to satisfy one's financial needs. Surely, that scarcity confers

more power to money. Both the need to have more money and its scarcity have an

overwhelming power on all people. It is necessary to have enough money to pay for

health treatment, food, rent, travel expenses, heater bills, mortgage loans and so on. 

 And for those who live in big cities, the pressure is quick and high if they are short of 

money just for a day. Truly, money has power on everyone.

The Power Of Money On You

To confront the scarcity of money, many people do take loans. Indeed a low interest loan that one

can manage can help when one does not have enough money in urgent circumstances such as paying for children school fees or that urgent surgical operation and so on.

Nevertheless, one can be in deep debt if one continues to borrow more money. The creditors must get back their money and if one fails to honor the loan agreement, one may be denied future loans applications. Moreover, as a debtor, one is to a certain degree a slave to the creditors. And the more debt one has, the more slave one is to the creditors if one could not manage the debt. A repossession can take place and in the worst case scenario, one could file for bankruptcy. One needs more money just to live and pay bills, but one does not always has enough of it. How to solve that challenge?

Would You Do Anything For Money?