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Nice And Good

Is a nice person also a good person?
Is a nice person always a good person?
What does it mean to be a nice person?
What does it mean to be a good person?

My Definition Of Nice Person

A nice person is a person who likes to pleased others.  A nice person is also an individual who often gives to others what they want. 

To a certain degree he is proving to be a good person in his actions.

Take for example a pig farmer. He is really nice to the pigs.  He feeds them.  He keeps them warm in the winter, and provides shelter for them.  He takes care of them and it is all free.  Before, they ask for anything, they have it.  They do not have to work or pay for anything.  It is all free just because of that really nice pig farmer.
They can't ask for more, and they are really pleased with that farmer.  They could not believe their luck or why he is so nice to them. 

Now, one thing that the pigs did not know is the difference between being nice and good

They thought that the farmer is not only good to them, but he is really good to them.  In fact they can't blame the farmer for anything.  He is truly a good master, friend, companion and neighbor.

They Do Not Know What To Think
Of A Nice Man

One day as the pigs were sleeping, they were waken up by a loud scream.  A noise that sounds like a pig was in distress.  They were really afraid, but at the same time they felt safe because of the nice farmer.
The next day, they were a little bit careful.
They also noticed that one big pig was missing.  They could not understand why.
Nevertheless, the master farmer was still nice.  In fact that day, the food was better than never before.  So they thought that there was no need to worry.

However, that day, one small pig refused to eat.  It sensed that something was not right, but everybody dismissed its concern.

Suddenly, the small pig ask its mother a question.  What is the difference between being nice and good?  No one could tell him the difference.

Surely, the farmer was really nice to them, but his intention to sell them to the butchers does not make him a good person.  The farmer is only nice to the pigs because they will provide meat and revenue.  From the viewpoint of the pigs he is nice, but not a good person.
As you can see a person can really be nice without being a good person.  Their hidden intentions will define who they really are.

Good Person

A good person is a person who always has a good intention.
People may not understand what he or she is trying to do, but at the end of the day, they will recognize that his intention were good.
Take for example a surgeon who amputated a leg of a patient because a tumor was spreading in it.  Everybody will agree that getting rid of a leg is not a friendly or nice gesture, but the intention was to avoid death or cutting both legs instead of one.

A husband may not be splashing on his spouse because he is saving money to buy a family house.  A father may never take his family on holidays because he is saving for their university fees. 

Quite often men and women found themselves trapped in an undesirable
circumstance because somebody was really nice to them without a good intention.  One of the reasons is because people only check the packages (outer look or presentation) without checking the motives. 
Another good example of a good person would be a person who refuses to buy a meal for a beggar, but offer him instead a chance to work in his firm.  A father who puts some rules in place to educate his children in a decent manner in comparison to another father who gives them total freedom.

Now, it becomes clear that a good person will always back actions with a good intention.  A good person is less likely to
pretend to be good while he is nice only to get one into trouble.

Can A Good Man Be Nice

A good man is often nice for the right purposes.  He is also genuinely nice and will not trap one.   He does not have to be nice to gain something. 

Can A Nice Man Be Good

A nice man is not always a good person.
A nice man can endeavor to be a good person.  Take for example a sworn enemy of your father who you never been told about.  So one day, he came into your life.
Everything looks really normal, and he also gain your trust.  Now you have high regards for him.  Like the pig farmer, he is really nice and blameless.  Behind all those unprecedented niceness, he knows that he is after you because of your father.
Now let not dramatize everything.  The point I am highlighting is that today many are mesmerized by people that are really nice.  Sometimes, they are trapped, and by the time they find out about the true intention, damages have already been done.
A nice man who genuinely changes his heart can become a good man.  A nice man who is becoming less selfish can turn into a good man.


A nice man can have really bad intentions though he is really nice to another.
A good man always tries his best to be fair
with others, and does not cultivate bad intentions.  A true good person is not a hypocrite.  A person can change if he or she wants to.  A nice person can become a good person, and good man can degrade himself or herself to a disgusting being.
Remember that being really nice does not make one a good person if one has bad intentions. Do not be fooled by a nice person with a bad goals.  Though, a nice person can be really attractive, do not let it be a trap.