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Past Life Secret Explained

Many believe in past lives. They believe they have lived before, and came back 

multiple times after death. Though I do not believe the same thing, it will be wrong 

to bash or insult those who believe in the past life Instead, I will share my view on 

that essential topic. The subject of past life is about understanding life.

Generally, men hold their belief very high, and do not easily accept others' belief.
Despite those divergences, most people want to know if they have lived before.

Does A Man Only Live Once Or Many Times Through Different Lives?

Others may also reply to that question and say who cares. For those, it does not 

matter whether one lived before or not. Nevertheless, the topic of past life is about 

understanding who we are, and where we are headed. As one increases one's 

understanding, one becomes happier and more powerful.
Take for instance, Facebook or Amazon, they are the result of a higher understanding 

of the things that brought about their existence. Moreover, as men raise their 

understanding of the cancer disease, it will become less of a problem.

In fact a problem on every scale is only a problem as long as no one fully understands it.
My goal is to share my understanding of the past life. and leave it as it is to everyone to 

draw intelligent conclusions. Surely, my view on the past life is divisive, but relevant. 

It helps others to begin to take a look at past lives in new ways.

My Understanding Of Past Life

I believe that men only live once. They discard their bodies through death before re-entering 

the spiritual whelm one more time and for good. Please do read the article in full to get a 

better understanding of my point of view.

The first thing I want to point out is that the body is a trap. Through one's body, one endures 

pain, sufferings, cold, burns, hunger, thirst, fear, anger and everything that makes mankind 

wonders why a good God can create such a world so bad or dangerous). The body has also 

forced human beings to work for living so they can satisfy that body's needs. Truly, mankind 

became a slave to the body to the point that men begin to bow to it every time. Not only that, 

we are overwhelmed by the body to a certain degree. As a result one begins to believe that 

one is just a body. Moreover, one also thinks that as a spiritual being, one needs a body. 

Therefore, one must go back after death as a human being many times (reincarnation) to get 

a new body (be born multiple times). Please note that the body has its role, but one does not 

need it. Really, one is using or wearing the body like
one wears clothing. The real person is the spirit. One has never been separated from the spirit. 

One is the spirit.

Going back to my original argument, with so much pains attached to the body, why the spirit 

(real you) will want to pick up another body after death?
Why after freeing oneself from the body's limitations or imprisonment, one will decide to take 

another body. The lie has always been that one needs a body before one can live. No, that is 

not true, one can live without a body (may be one needs a spiritual body). A spirit in a body is 

a spirit in a downgraded state. Consequently, one does not need to perpetuate the cycle of 

degradation for a long time.

I do not argue that my view is the truth (may be), but I leave it to everyone to think of it without 

rushing into a quick conclusion.

Obviously, it is the ultimate goal of the spirit (yourself)
to discard the body at one stage, and regain that higher standard abilities that are not trapped 

in a matter (body).
A man (spirit) is operating the body like a person uses
a computer. Indeed, without the support of the spirit (yourself), the body will drop dead instantly. 

One is never the body, one is using a body to achieve physical goals. As we are sucked into 

the game of needing a new body all times, one begins to accept that one needs a body to live. 

One also thinks that one has died many times before. Truly, one has never died.
One has only dropped the body.
And as one has given so much importance to the body to the point to even deny that one is 

a spirit that liveth, one believes that one must have a body.

Oh, it was fun to have a body. Well it could be boring to be just a spirit without a body. Oh I need 

a better life. However, all those arguments are pointless because life is the spirit. Moreover, the 

spirit is life. The life and spirit are one. Life is the activities of the spirit.
As you can see man is a spirit and does not need a body. With the body came wars, divorce, 

suicide, disease, depression, murder, racism, discrimination, hunger, thirst and everything that 

makes men think that it is all God's fault.

Why People Believe In Past Life?

My obsession to understand more has given me sleepless nights as I tried to increase my 

understanding of the past life.
After many years, it becomes clear to me that one of the reasons why people accept that they 

have lived before is because of the body.
Let me explain myself.
From the fusion of the bodily data from a father and mother, one is born. Note that though we 

all celebrate our birthdays, one is never born. One has always exited from the beginning as a 

spirit. It is clear that the body is born due to the fusion of the bodily data.

Though one is not living (using the same body) in the same body like one's parents, all the 

data bank
in both one father and mother's families is transferred into one's body at birth. One can regard 

the body as a powerful computer that one (the spirit) is using. The truth is that at the birth of 

the body (not you, not the spirit) all files of past lives are transferred into the new computer that 

is your body.

Now those past life files are readily accessible. One can access them as one's awareness 

increases. As a result of those past lives files one thinks that one has lived before. Nevertheless, 

the past lives are not one own past lives, but those of one's relatives over hundreds of hundreds 

of years. Indeed, any time a child is born, those files are in place. He or She can access them. 

Over the years, throughout generations, many people became fully awake and managed to 

access those past life data bank. That aha moment when one realizes that one has lived before 

is just the realization that there is in our body a gigantic library of past life records. In reality, 

one never lived before, but one only lived through one's ancestors.

There you have it, all I have found about about the past life. The body is also comparable to a 

huge storage house of past lives or giant storage disk of past lives. The body has many similarities 

to a highly sophisticated super computer. It is a medium that stores data of past lives of different 

relatives over the years.
So, there you have it, my understanding of the past life. Consequently, a person who is accessing 

the file of the past life of his grand father will think it was him that lived before.
One may say, that is incorrect because if one is accessing one's grand father past life, one will see 

it though the eyes of the grand father. Contrary to that understanding, as a spirit we do not have 

an identity because the spirit is not divisible like the body. My view on this matter is a man is a spirit. 

The spirit (you) exists and is never born. The spirit can access past lives data from the body that 

he or she is controlling. However, those past lives are not necessarily one's past lives, but those 

of one's relatives that lived before.

During the union of a man and woman the transfer of past lives are loaded into a new body at the 

time when the woman becomes pregnant. As the breath of life (spirit or you) enters the body, the 

body starts moving. Without the spirit there is no bodily movement. At death, the spirit discard the 

body or stop controlling it one way or another. The truth is the spirit controls the matter, and will 

always do. It does not need the body or matter.


I understand why many believe in the past life. It is normal that after one has accessed the bank of 

past lives data, one thinks that one has lived before. My understanding is that man lives once, but 

the past life is the replay of one's ancestors past lives files. The body is really a huge storage of 

past lives that one can access if one really wants to. Am I wrong? May be. Even if I am, I have 

given my fair contribution to that unavoidable topic. Hopefully, others will join this discussion and 

help to clear the misunderstanding. 

As I said before, I am sharing my view of the past life as it is, 

and leave it to others to draw rational conclusions.

Am I wrong or right? That is the question. What if I am right? Today, I hold on to that belief that we 

live once. I believe that a man is a spirit that ultimately seeks to discard the body at one stage. One 

question remains: why should one want to go back after death, and pick a new body after one has 

discarded it at death. All along the spirit (you) never needed the body at the first place?
I belief there is a past life, but I disagree that one has lived many times.
The infinity is a continuity like many drops of water form a river.