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Play 0% APR Credit Card Game

Wouldn't it be pleasing to have a credit card with zero percent APR
(0% APR)?  How about having an opportunity to fully or partially pay off credit cards debt without the interest.  If you start feeling the burden of the credit cards bill then it is time for you to learn to play the game of zero percent interest APR.
The ball is in your camp.  Smarter credit card holders have been playing that 0% APR credit card game for years.  Now, it is your turn.
Get started.

Step One To Playing 0% APR Credit
Card Game

Be sure that you do not miss the minimum payment on your credit cards.  Have a reasonable good credit history that can allow you to grab those 0% APR credit card offers.  If you know that your credit record is not worthy then make a decision to start cleaning it from today.  Better late than never.  Avoid defaulting on your credit cards by all means. Keep your nose clean.

Step Two To Playing 0% APR Credit
Card Game

Do not pile up exorbitant amount on your credit cards to the point where it will be difficult to find a suitable 0% APR deal.  Just be a normal credit card user.  Do not use credit cards without any respect to the creditors or credit reference agencies.

Step Three To Playing 0% APR Credit Card Game

Everyone pays interest on their credit cards, but there are times when 0% APR credit card deals
become available.  To play the game, you need to know those times and most importantly be ready to grab them before they are no more available.

Generally, 0% APR credit card deals appear in January after Christmas and the new year festive.

Be ready to play the 0% APR credit card game at least in the first quarter of the year.
Be also ready in April during Easter holidays.  Those are the best times to play the 0% APR credit card game.  Apart from those best times, there are still few 0% APR offers that are popping up throughout the year as the competition between credit companies is heating up.

Understand that both steps one and two will allow you to qualify for those amazing 0% APR credit card games.

Step Four To Playing 0% APR Credit
Card Game

Do not jump on the first 0% APR offer that you come across.  First gather them and compare them.
Things to check and compare are listed below.

1/ Duration of the 0% APR offer (the longest is the best)

2/ What is the new APR after 0% APR offer has expired ( the lowest is the best)

3/ Give precedence to no annual fees credit cards because your aim is not only about playing the 0% APR credit card game, but also to reduce every other cost.  And you mean it.  Don't you?

4/ Also take into consideration other benefits such as cash back on purchases, free insurance for mobile phones, free holidays insurance and so on.

You can Google search the phrase:
best 0% APR credit cards today.
So, you will search for the best deals then you will compare them before selecting the best of the best.   That is it.


As you can see it is not difficult to play the game of 0% APR credit card game.  All in all, you want to have an excellent or clean credit history.  Next, you pinpoint the best times of the year when credit cards companies are fighting to get you into the 0% APR credit card game.  The rest is to select the 0% APR credit card that meets your needs.

Now, promise me that you will stop wasting large amount of money through credit cards and store cards high interest payments.

If you have so much money that you want to keep dumping month after month because you do not want to play the 0% APR credit game, then feel free to donate to this website.

Seriously, I mean it.  Begin to sort out your finance today for your own sake and others'.   Play the 0% APR credit card game today.

I hope this article has been useful to you.  If that is the case, feel free to share it on social media.  I'll appreciate that.  Thank you for visiting this website today.  Be sure to bookmark it because more useful articles are in the pipe.
Stay on top of the 0% APR credit card game.