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Power Of creative Powers

To Build Or Destroy That Is The Question

Take the first step to understand the creative powers 

(build and destroy) in you.

It takes time, energy, know-how and resources to build anything lasting.

However, it is very easy in most cases to destroy what people has built.

Generally, most people would prefer to build than destroy.

A common belief is that the goal to destroy is always evil, but that is not

true. If one cuts a tree, one has effectively destroy it. Is that evil if one 

intends to use the wood to build a bridge? Similarly, is that evil, if one 

destroys an old and ugly house because one aims to build a beautiful 


Furthermore, is that evil to kill a venomous serpent or scorpion in the 

children playground?

Will you agree that that the goal to destroy is not always evil?

When Does The Goal To Destroy Becomes Evil?

The goal to destroy becomes evil if and only if the intention is evil. If 

one smashes the windscreen of another's car with the intention of 

stopping the driver to use the car then one is destroying for 

the sake of evil. However, if a technician smashes one's windscreen 

to replace it with a better quality windscreen, he or she does not do any 


Let's talk about those who enjoy destroying things for the sake of evil.

A group of yobs who put an obstacle on the railways to cause accident.

Those who killed others just because they do not behave or look like 


People who set their neighbor's house on fire just because they hate 


Others who destroy their competitors' work or business with a hoax.

Some who lie to the law enforcement officer just to get innocent people 

into trouble.  A person who betrays his loyal partner has effectively 

destroyed his trust.

Whatever, you intend to do make sure your intention is always good 

instead of evil.

To destroy or build it does not matter if it does not violate the 

golden rule.

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.