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Power Of Privacy Version 2

Privacy: Why Should One Care For One's Private Life?

According to Google search engine, privacy is a state in which one is not observed

or disturbed by other people. When one talks about privacy, one is also talking about

seclusion, privateness, solitude, isolation, peace, quietness, lack of disturbance,

lack of interruption, freedom from interference.

Privacy is also the state of being free from public attention. Personally, privacy involved 

all that one does not want to share with another or anybody that is not concerned. It 

may be your health state, marriage issues, proprietary properties, plan of the day, emails, 

text messages, telephone conversations or anything one is not willing to share or divulge.

According to Wikipedia, I quote: “The early years in the development of privacy rights began 

with English common law which protected "only the physical interference of life and property". 

Its development of tort remedies is "one of the most significant chapters in the history of privacy 

law".[3] Those rights expanded to include a "recognition of man's spiritual nature, of his feelings 

and his intellect." Eventually, the scope of those rights broadened even further to include a basic 

"right to be let alone," and the former definition of "property" would then comprise "every form 

of possession – intangible, as well as tangible." By the late 19th century, interest in privacy grew 

as a result of the growth of print media, especially newspapers.” end of quote

Today, the topic of privacy is a big issue that splits societies into two.

First, there are those who say that if one does not have anything to hide, one should

not worry. Moreover, it is only those who have something to hide that often complain

about their privacy being violated. To be honest, that is a nonsense statement.

On the hand, there are those who will fight tooth and nails to defend their privacy.

Personally, I belong to the second group because I thought if a person integrity

or honesty is directly correlated to his choice to be an open book then God would be the most

dishonest being that ever hesitated. Indeed, one's right to guard one's private life, tangible and

intangible properties or dealings does not always mean that one has something to hide.

As a child, my mother often said things such as:

You do not have to tell every one about your dealings or plans.

Or try not to tell everyone.

Please do not reveal all your inner thoughts or intentions.

Private life does matter.

Nevertheless, I did not pay attention to those basic motherly privacy rules.

Like many ordinary people, I do not wake up thinking about how others may be

eroding my privacy. Now, that has changed because I have noticed that those

who preach about forsaking one's private life are hypocrite. They say: hey guys,

if you do not have anything to conceal, if you are a law abiding citizen, you do not 

have to

worry about your privacy. Though, they keep pushing honest people to disclose more

and more of their private matters, they fight tool and nails to protect and hide their 


Most of those people, do not have a personal Facebook, Twitter or Google account.

I wonder why. In fact, they will prosecute anyone that interfere with their private dealings.

Now, do they have something to hide? May be. Are they hypocrite? Who knows. Are they

manipulating others? Probably.

Many people do not realized how their private life has been invaded without consent 
or awareness.

They have zero private life. The worst part is that those who promote basic civil rights 

are labelled

rebels, friends of terrorists, dishonest, weird, dangerous, suspicious, unreliable, potential 


person and so on. Many have been blacklisted and their private life invaded.

Are we now in the old east Germany?

Are we in the Stasis land?

Are we in the old old soviet society?

Are we in the North Korea?

Are we in a dictatorial regime?

What type of world are we living in?

Would Churchill be proud of us today?

Are we betraying those who have fought and die for the freedom of expression?

Are we going back to the dark age of Nazi Hitler's Germany?

Well the history will tell whether we have been manipulated in discarding our

private lives.

Just in case, you think that I am dramatizing everything, let me tell you a story.

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful woman who wanted to enjoy a champagne

in a bath while she was also working on her laptop. The bath was warm and the 


delicious. It was a rewarding moment. She could see through her large window the 

blue sky

and breathtaking landscape. She firmly held a glass of champagne in one hand and 


her eyes on the laptop. Suddenly, she noticed that her laptop's camera was 


She did not activate it. She wondered what was going on. She could not quickly 


what was taking place. Well, to keep a long story short, the fact was that someone 

from far

far away was able to interfere with her private moment. Obviously, that person was 

not invited,

it was not her friend and she did not want to share that moment. Though, she has 

nothing to

hide, she has the right to a private life.


Does private life matter?

Should one care about one's private life, properties and dealings?

Should we blacklist all civil rights movements?

Do you have have something to hide?

How much of your private dealings are you willing to disclose to


Are you aware that you have been giving away too much privateness?

What is your definition of privacy?

Do you care about basic privacy matters?

How much money would you charge a third party to share your inner privacy?

Do you believe that the world would be a better place if we all give away our

private life?

Have you being manipulated or brain washed to make public your proprietary


Finally, on the scale of one to seven, how naive would you rate someone who 

does not care about their private life or privacy?