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Powerful Human Beings

Why Human Beings Do Not Gain Power?

What is power?

Power is the ability or capacity to do something or act in a particular way.

Power is also the capacity or ability to direct or influence the behavior of others or the course of events.

Now, tell me powers that you had before that you do not have any more.

What are the powers you would like to have?

Which power you would rather not have?

Could you list all the powers that you have abused in the past?

Name five things or people that have abused their powers.

Tell me something that does not have power.

Have you been denied powers before?

What is stopping you to gain more power?

How would you gain more power?

How would you handle power?

Name five people or things that are handling powers very well?

Human beings are highly powerful and intelligent creatures. Contrary to the general belief,

they are not just flesh and blood. They are powerful beings. The life that moves their flesh

and blood is what they truly are. Indeed, the flesh and blood without the life is worthless or dead.

Though, that life is the power or motor of all that is happening, one can steadily downgrade it through corruption. It is almost impossible to talk about power without corruption. Allow me to

add that, here the word corruption is less related to money or financial dealings but more to things

that corrupt life or power. Human beings lose or erode their power through corruption.

However, the level of corruption varies from one person to another. Some are highly, moderately or less corrupt than others.

Over the years, and from generation to generation, there was an accumulation of corruption or degradation of life. Therefore, human beings have descended in a spiral downfall due to their

corruptions. We have now reach a point where those that are very powerful today are the

weakest on the scale of original powers. In fact, it has become our way of life to continue to degrade life.

At The Beginning

At the beginning, there was life, that life was the real power, and it was in every human being.

In truth, there was no human being without power or life because without it they were dead (no power). That power or life was not corrupt. It was intact without fault. Human beings can raise dead, live eternally, read minds, see through things, walk on waters, fly and control every aspect of the whole universe. They were true masters that were living fully an abundant life. They do not have to look back or turn their heads because they have the highest level of awareness. They just know.

There were no misunderstandings or mistakes because they always make the right decisions.

Factors That Make Human Beings Lose Power

The practice of communicating lies  or lying.

The urge to hurt or screw up another.

The desire to suppress another.

Jealousy, envy, racism, discrimination,

theft, murder, abuse, drugs, and everything

that is against life itself. Those are the factors that degrade life.

A partially corrupt bulb can still shine but if the corruption increases,

it will become useless at one point.

The Good News For Human Beings

Though the corruption of life is costly, it is not a dead end matter, one can slowly but gradually recover more power if one discontinues with the old ways of doing things.