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Profiling Examples

The best equivalent to profiling is labeling.  In the supermarkets, products are labelled and classified in different categories.  However, labeling is only one aspect of profiling because profiling points out more details of the subject or object.
A normal profile will exhibit one's name, date of birth, marital status
and gender.  This is a typical profile.
The profiler will decide what he wants to include in the profile.

For example, a profiler can include
the religion, charities that one supports, countries that one visits, friends, voting tendency and legends one respects.

A profiler can creates different profiles for the same subject and decide what to do with them.
Today the subject of profiling is big issue because many governments around the world are profiling their citizens.
The objective of those profiling activities is to identify the trouble makers and monitor them in real time.  Sometimes, those methods have help to prevent criminal activities.  Nevertheless, there were times when it vilified innocent citizens or caused them to become outcasts.  

A woman who has divorced twice or cheated on multiple times may create profiles to filter out men that are more likely to let her down one more time.  In this instance, a profile may include the following: regularly drinking alcohol,  getting home late often, not apologizing promptly, answering a question with another question and being impatient most of the time.

A profile is similar to the amber light.  It means be cautious and be
ready to stop.  If a person fits a profile, it does not mean that the person is guilty or innocent straight away.

A business can create a profile for customers or clients that are more likely to buy their products on regular basis. However, some clients may fit that profile, but still not spend a penny after a targeted advertising campaign.

Indeed, an obsessive advertiser can waste a lot money if he or she uses clients profiling as an exact science.  Nowadays, people rely more on the technology to flash red and green signals so they can just obey those signals like a robot. 

A profile will not solve all human beings' problems.  Yes, they will sometimes but not always. A profile can be misused for discriminatory, bullying, intimidating and racist purposes.  After the profiling, the next step is a dynamic communication with the subject.
Take it from me.  No human being's problem will be solved without a one to one communication.  Businesses that communicate with their clients sincerely in a partnership of win win have more chances to last more than others.
The world is changing and profiling has become a powerful tool.  However, the cornerstone of all robust solutions is not the profiling but communication.

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