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Resist The Devil

Resist the devil and he will flee from you.  That is correct.  What is your devil?  Many spend days and nights complaining about the devil but allow him to come in everyday to loot, rob, insult, humiliate and throw them out.  Though crying does help to sooth pain, it does not help to resist the devil.  One can cry from the morning to evening, but nothing will change.  

However, one can stand up and say I am not putting up with that devil anymore I am resisting him from today going forward. That is the only way to make him flee.  People give too much space, time and importance to the devil. That must stop.

One does not have to agree, negotiate, cooperate or associate oneself with the devil.  One must resist the devil.  Those who compromise with the devil are just like a turkey breed for Christmas. When Christmas comes the devil will surely have the turkey for dinner. 

Step One To Resist The Devil

Find the door that let the devil  in and securely lock it.

A person who is addicted to gambling will begin deleting gambling apps from his smartphone, tablet and computer.  One may also seek to move away from gambling shops if one lives near one.  The key point is to avoid close proximity to the devil, and all communications with him.
One will also try to replace past related belief with new ones. 

For example, one that believed that gambling can only make one very rich may change that statement with something like:
gambling is not the only way to riches.  Gambling can also ruin one to the point where one becomes hopeless.
To avoid future communications, one will unsubscribe to any related websites and shut down all gambling accounts.

The devil must be cut off from one's space, mind and all dealings.

Second Step To Resist The Devil

Understand that you are able to resist the devil.  In fact anyone can resist the devil.  Your devil may be big or powerful, just understand that he does not like to be resisted.
Resist your devil and he will start respecting you a bit.  Just knowing that one can resist the devil will be a good start.

Third Step To Resist The Devil

The third step is to confront the devil.  It means disobeying, saying no and challenging the devil.
Suppose, the devil asks you to do something to another that you would not like another to do you, you will just say no and disobey that order.   One must start disobeying the devil.
It also means going after the devil and removing him from your space.
I mean to kick the devil out.  Whatever is your devil, resist it.

Many are putting up with the devil instead of standing up to him.
The devil take their life and everything that comes with it but still they are kissing the feet of the devil, worshiping and glorifying him.

To confront the devil,  one does not have to kill or enslave others, it means taking back the control panel of your life.

It means making your own decisions and choices without the devil breathing down your neck.
It is also about rediscovering yourself and potentials. 
It is worthless life if all one has done on earth is to live a life that is far lower than the one, one is born for. 
A man can live under the shadow of another, but that should not be for a lifetime. At one point one must step out of the shadow of that devil, and be oneself.   Truly, those who confront the devil live a better life.

Take for example, those who fought the devil of slavery, apartheid and Nazism, they make the world a better place today.  Think of how the world would have been today if those devils are still controlling mankind.   Throughout life, men and women have confronted the devil of tyranny, hatred, bullying, intimidation, suppression, alienation, degradation, harassment
and pain.  

Each victory gave them back a bit of their life that was stolen or downgraded.
They resisted the devil and surely those devil quit. The confrontation of the devil is legitimate because the devil is a thief, liar, bully and murderer.

The fourth Step To Resist The Devil

The 4th step is to understand that one is one with God.   God equals Life.  Life in its fullness is God.
Anytime, one rejects God, one rejects life.  Those who fight God are just fighting life or themselves.
The devil is the father of everything that brings death or leads one closer to death and away from the life in its fullness.

Men and women have fought God instead of fighting the devil.  It is a mistake because the devil is no one's friend.
God is one with every person and every person is one with God.
A person who is fighting God is fighting himself or herself.  People often say why God is fighting me?
God has never fought anyone because he is one with everyone. 

The biggest lie in this universe is to proclaim that God is separated from one.  When a person finally realizes that there is no separation between him and God, he or she is no more an ordinary person.   In fact at that point he has finished wandering in the wilderness.
People spend days blaming, criticizing, insulting and cursing God because they thought that if he is up there and does not care, what is the point of him being God.
Nevertheless, as soon as one realizes that who ever sees one, sees God and who so ever sees God, sees one.

The belief of being one with God is not instantaneous but continuous.
Like a child will grow and become an adult so a person slowly but gradually recover his or her fullness in God.  Think of your current state as an empty vessel that has now realized that it was once full of wine.   That empty vessel just wants to be refilled with its rightful content.

The resistance against the devil's is non negotiable.  Resisting the devil can only bring about a better world of freedom, happiness, fraternity, friendship, prosperity and love.
There is a life beyond what we have known so far.  A life that is far above working nine to five, having children, borrowing money to go on holidays, getting involved in petit games, failing at everything and thinking that one is not one with God or calling another God.

Get up and shine, take your place and realize that there was never a separation between God and you.
Whatever is your devil, it is fair and just to begin resisting it.  Take the first step to live life in its fullness.

All those things that are blocking you to live life as an upper class honest decent human being are your devils.  Those thoughts or desires to do things that you hate to do to others are also devils.
Begin to resist every devils today.

As always I enjoy writing this article and I hope you will find it useful.
Feel free to share it on social media.  Thank you for reading.