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The Role Of The Body





Apart from everything else that has been said before about the body, I want to add something that may be new to many. As a human being, one is not a combination of a spirit and matter (body). A human being is the spirit that is controlling a body to play various games in the physical universe. Though, many think that they are a body because a name is given to that body, one is not just a body.

Generally, people say one is born then live and die. Far from the truth, the death of the body is not equal to the death of the person (spirit) because a man (spirit) does not die. In fact, it is the body that is born then controlled by the spirit before the body dies. The spirit lives for ever. People say hey, Steve Job dies, but the reality is he just stopped controlling his body. Though, his body died meaning there is no life (spirit) controlling it, Steve Job himself (spirit) can not die. It is now clear that one is not that body laying there. After all, there is still one question left.

What Is The Ultimate Role Of The Body?

The Ultimate Role Of The Body

1/ The Body As A Giant Storage Disk

The number one role of the body is to store and transfer data of past lives of one's family relatives. Though, I do not believe that one has lived multiple times before, I recognize that at the time when a woman in impregnated, tonnes of past lives data are download onto the new body that is about to become lively. Those past lives derived from both parents and relatives of the new body that is due to receive life. The body as a huge storage device stores hundreds of different past lives belonging to past relatives and current parents. 

Within it, is a very well organised library. One can freely browse those past lives, and know more about the lives of past relatives. One can view or experience past lives as if one had lived before. 

That belief is comparable to a person watching a 3D film. Quite often one may feel like one is also part of the 3D film.
In most cases, those who manage to access those past life files do so through a state of a higher awareness. In reality, it is possible to stay fully awake, and access those past lives' files stored onto the body. Yes, the body is a giant complex storage device that the spirit (you) is controlling.

The Body As A Highly Sophisticated Machine or Super Computer

Whatever one can accomplish with a computer, one can realize it too with the body, and even more. Like a computer, the body can be hacked, and brought to a standstill with viruses, overheating, freeze and other malware like headache, diabetes and any form of health issues.

Like a computer, one can compare the head to the processor, hair and nails to the ports. There are also similarities between one's face and a computer screen.
One may see other similarities between one's hands or feet and the computer mouse. Really, one of the best common points between a computer and the body is its processing power.
Let assume, I say to someone the following statements:

1/ Hey you stupid boy!
2/ Well done and congratulations.
3/ You little lazy rat.
4/ You are so amazing.

By saying those statements to a person, I have effectively entered those statements into the other person' s understanding.
After his brain processes the first statement, he or she may get very angry or even aggressive. That first statement can also cause the person to frown. In effect, on the display (his face) of that bodily computer, one can read his anger, unhappiness and other facial signs that reveals his inner feeling after the first statement. As the first and third statements are both negative, the facial expressions will become negative too.

Contrary to the 1st and third statements, the second and fourth statement will produce kind replies like:
thank you,
or the person may smile,
or exhibit a feel good sign.

Similarly to a computer, the information enters the body through senses then is processed before the display (face) shows the outcome. Like computers, one can connect many bodies. One example would be to stand in a circle and hold hands together. During sex, two bodies are connected. One may argue that a family is a network of bodies.
An example of hacking a body is the manipulation or brain washing to satisfy another's need. Any time, one is gracefully manipulated, used or controlled by another person or something, one is serving somebody's else goal, one is hacked.

Indeed, those who have been fooled are effectively hacked. Imagine, I say to you that you should turn left to get your destination knowing well that you should turn right. Once you follow that inappropriate advice, you have been fooled or hacked. The worst form of hacking a body is the slavery.

Are you hacked?
Have been hacked before?
Have you hacked others' bodies?
Have you hacked another's before.

The body also processes foods, drinks, medications and injections like a computer processes data.

The Body As A Physical Object

Without the feelings or emotions, one can compare the body to any physical object. It is formed of electrons and neutrons just like another object.
It also has weight, shape and color. The body gets old like objects that lost their initial properties.

Almost, everything one can do with an object, one can do it with the body. There is no difference between a body

that is not controlled by a spirit and another object. Moreover, the only time that body feels pains, hurts, sadness

or any feelings is when it is managed by a spirit. Furthermore, all physical laws that influence the physical universe

also influence the body. For example, a person can fall like a stone from a high place due to the law of gravity.

That person's body may crash like any other object. Surely, the body can not be in two places at the same time due

to the physical laws. One can repair the body like one repairs machines, but one can not give life to the body without its spirit. Though, the body in under the influence of the physical laws, the person (spirit) is not under the same laws. Many will disagree just because they think they are a body. The person's

(you or the spirit) is under the influence of the spiritual laws. That is the topic of another discussion. 

 To keep a long story short, the body is the matter but you (the spirit) are not a physical object. Please allow me to say that if one can control the body (and one surely can), it also indicates that one can control the physical laws or the spiritual laws are well above the physical ones.

The body without the spirit is just another physical object. A man can degrade himself to the point that he thinks he is an object. Consequently, he will be under the influence of the physical laws instead of above them.