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Smart: The Goal To Be Smarter Person

Smart | The Goal To Be Smart

Far from being clean, tidy, and well dressed, the word smart

in this context is about having or showing a quick-witted intelligence

or acumen. It is also about being canny and shrewd in dealings with others.

There is nothing wrong about being a smart person but the goal to be smarter

than others or everybody else is a like a double-edged sword depending on whether

one wants to be smarter than others fairly or unfairly.

The goal to be smart is a very appealing goal. Moreover, to be smarter is more seductive

than to be just smart. If one is smarter than others then one has an edge. In a fair and

competitive field like the technology sector, it is a great advantage to be smarter than the


What is your definition for smart?

Do think you are smarter than others?

Do you always want to be smarter than everybody else?

How important is it for you to be smarter than others?

When have you outsmart someone fairly?

When have you outsmart someone unfairly?

How dumb do you see others?

Do you always think others are always stupid or dumb?

Does the appearance, background or behavior of others make you think that you are smarter than them?

Have you ever been outsmarted by someone that you have underestimated?

When was the last time being smarter got you into trouble?

Are you always in trouble with the law enforcement agencies for trying to outsmart someone unfairly?

Do you believe that to outsmart someone for illegal reasons is a fair game because they

are just too stupid or dumb?

Do you believe that one will always win if one is smarter than others?

Those are the questions that arise when one looks into the goal to be smarter.

The goal to be smarter is a dangerous goal if one intends to screw up others.

A thief always think that he or she is smarter than others. He is smarter than others

because he does not have to work or get up early in the morning. All he has to do is

to steal without being caught. He believes he would get anything for free without lifting

a finger. Similarly, a frustrated competitor that thinks he is smarter than others may use illegal means to screw up a dominant player. As always, he will think that he will never get

caught because he is smarter than everybody else. Generally, those who always think that others are dumb or too stupid always underestimate their opponents. Therefore, when one is dealing with those beings, one must always make them feel that they are smarter while one is also building one's defense that will ultimately outsmart those bastards.

The Truth About Being Smart

Every human being is smart. However, if one says he or she is smart, one means one is smart in a specific or multiple fields and one has a lot of knowledge or experience in that field. A person may be smart in one field but completely useless in another. Does that make him dumb? May be, it would be fair to say for example that one is a dumb when it comes to a specific field. For example, an expert financial market analyst may be completely useless when it comes to dancing or acting. Does that make him a dumb or stupid?