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Son And Father Conflicts

Generally, men cherish their mothers more than fathers.
At least seventy percent of men will agree to that.
Though they do not hate their fathers, they see fathers more like challengers.  Most men will prefer to keep a bit of distant from their fathers.  It is also true that a man does see his father as a friendly competitor that they ought to overtake at one stage.  

Remember a time when you reluctantly obey your father?  Did you feel overwhelmed by his authority?  Have you looked for all sort of reasons why you should not obey him?  Do you think that there is something that wants to question his leadership?

Conflict Between Sons And Fathers

A father who bullies the mother of his son is more likely to get into conflict with his son.  Generally, a son is very protective of his mother
especially if his father is dominating the mother.  In that environment, a son will begin to
resist his father as long as he is
putting the mother under too much
stress.  It is usually a friendly conflict but can turn into a long lasting conflict in many cases if the father divorces the mother and gets a new pretty wife.

Father And Sons Unity

Relationship between a father and son is not always sour in a normal condition.  Usually, this is often the case when the father fulfills his role as the protector or guardian of the family with love and care.
In this instance, sons tend to admire their father, and unite with him.  That unity between father and son also reassure the mother who
supports the husband in a harmonious relationship.  Though, a conflict can still arise between a caring father and his son, it is more likely to be resolved by the time the son becomes a father too.

Father And Son Against Mother

A man always want his own space or kingdom where he can exercise his authority.  Therefore, it is common that a man hates or resents his father's leadership to a certain degree.  They are often two friendly competitors.
Nevertheless, there are times when a dictatorial father overwhelms his son to the point that he becomes very submissive.  The son becomes a loyal ally to the father. It does not matter whether he is a bad or good father.

Consequently, it often occurs that a bad father unites with a son against the mother.  That combination creates a house of hell because both the father and son are ganging against the mother. 

In that environment, a mother has two choices.  She can win over her son or quietly leave the house.
Surely, it will not be easy to reconvert the son, but only a loving and clever mother will reach that aim.  Sometimes things will begin to improve when the son also gets married.  More patience and understanding is needed to heal that damage household.

The conflict between a father and son is as old as this world.  Usually a father that is very authoritative will have some of his sons that are submissive or rebel.

Usually, if the sons are still very young and dependent, they will stay loyal until they reach the age when they can withstand the father.  All those years they were resenting their father, but now they have grown up.   Now they can tell him why they disagree with authoritative leadership.

At the age of twenty one, a son should leave the house.  One has reached maturity as a man, and there can not be two captains on one ship.  Most fathers who respect their sons have nothing to worry about.  However, an authoritative father could easily clash with his sons for little things.  All in all more wisdom is needed from both sides to make things work smoothly.
A son should always respect and honor his father because it helps.
A father who disown his son has dishonored himself; so is a son who is disrespecting his father.

Yes a father and sons can clashed from time to time but no one should allow those clashes to spoil a father and son's relationship.

I hope this article will help a son to understand his father or father to understand a son.  As always I enjoy writing this article too.  If you find it useful, feel free to share it on the major social websites.