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Spying | should One Spy On His Wife?

A possessive husband would do everything to spy on his wife.

A jealous or possessive husband is a dangerous husband. The 

same is also true of a jealous wife. By saying this is my wife, he 

means I own this lady. She shall do as she is told. The more 

obedient or docile she is, the more I will love 


 Don't you know that we are married? In other words, remember 

that you have signed the contract to marry me and you belong to me. 

 I have the right to spy on you and know everything about you. 

At the end of each day, you must submit a detailed report of your 

daily activities. I want to know where you are and what you are doing 

because you are my wife.  

I will not tolerate that you disobey my direct orders and I will take 

draconian measures to ensure that you remain mine hundred percent. 

 I will not accept that you hold anything from me or make a decision 

without letting me know first. You will apologize for all your

failures and promise that you will never offend me in any way again. 

 I am your husband and you are mine hundred percent. Either you are 

with me or not and my love to you is directly relative to your faithfulness 

and loyalty. I promise you that I will take care of you and love you like 

my dog if only you obey me.  I would love and trust you only if you

allow me to spy on you because you my wife.

What is a possessive husband?

A possessive husband is the one that will always try to control every 

aspect of his wife's life.  Though, every husband is jealous to a certain 

degree, a possessive husband can not control his jealousy. Usually, men 

that have been betrayed in previous relationships are more prone 

to become very possessive. To be fair, possessive husbands are more 

generous and faithful to their wives as long as they can spy on her.

Spying on your spouses

Today, there are technologies readily available to spy on wives or 

husbands. A brand new smart phone with hidden pre-loaded spying 

applications will help a possessive spouse to spy 

twenty-four hours on his partner. Call it love without limit. With those 

applications, the possessive husband will control her phone's 

microphone and listen to everything that is said around her. He can 

also use her telephone GPS and track her every move without her 


The worst part is that she will not even know and still trust her loving 


 For a possessive husband, this is normal because she should not 

hide anything from him and he should always be in charge. In reality, 

possessive husband is obsessed or addicted to his wife.

To satisfy his addiction, a jealous husband will not hesitate to place 

hidden cameras in their house and bug their toilet, bathroom and cars. 

 He may say, I trust you darling but what he means is to trust is to 

control. Furthermore, a jealous spouse or partner will not hesitate to 

employ private security firms to investigate his wife. Of course, he 

loves and trusts her. 


Nevertheless, love and trust come with twenty-four hours highly 

sophisticated surveillance

Indeed, she does not need to worry at all if she has nothing to hide.

In fact, nothing will stop a jealous husband to train his children to spy 

on their mother and report back to him.

It is shocking but true, technologies that should improve lives or 

relationships are now the tools that are enslaving many. For a faithful 

and loving wife, the possessive husband will shower her with gifts

and love because the possessive husband has nothing to fear. Truly, 

a possessive husband will become an ideal husband once his is freed 

from the fear of losing her. 

Surely, a wife or spouse is not a property one owns, she is a free 

being that deserves her private life. At the end of the day if both do 

not trust each other they should not be together.

Finally, those who spy on their wives do not love them because they 

are just using them.