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What To Do When Under Surveillance In UK

A lot people have been wrongly placed under surveillance and they 
feel like outcasts among other citizens.  
They know they have nothing to reproach to themselves, and are law 
abiding citizens.  They were shocked when they realized that they have 
been placed under surveillance

After the first shock because you are really an innocent person, 
you try to understand what has happened. 
You are right to be upset but not full of hatred.  You are upset with the 
person who has profiled you, government, secret services.  You wonder 
what is going on and you want to understand. 

You also want to do everything to clear your name.  Most importantly, 
you do not want to be associated with those things.  You hate that you 
are under surveillance, your privacy is under the spot, but you are not 
full of hatred, just really upset. 

As you have been downgraded as a second class citizen, you want to 
protest.  Those that have been wrongly put under surveillance often 
refuse to take part in any electoral voting system especially during a 
general election.  
Some only vote during local or mayoral elections.

Really they do not feel connected to the society as they did in the past.
Most are withdrawn and find it difficult to connect with others.
During that time, they try to fix the problem on their own ways by writing 
to their Councillors, Member of Parliament (MP) 
and the police.
However, those steps are not the best steps to deal with the matter.  
Those steps are just to explore the unknown. 
Moreover, after those unsuccessful attempts, one begins to feel really 
helpless and will try to live with it.  At this stage 
one becomes really defensive because one does not trust anyone 

Nevertheless, all those efforts are helping one to feel better. That is all.  
Quite often, people do not know that there is 
another option.

Most Effective Way To Handle Surveillance in UK

For those who are really innocent, and who have been wrongly placed 
under surveillance in the United Kingdom, 
there is a better way to pursue your desire to clear your name.  

Before everything else, be sure to keep a meticulous dairy.  In keeping 
that dairy remember these three words: time, 
place and incident.

The time is about the month, day, year and what time did the incident 
occur.  The place is self explanatory, it is about where in full detail.
The incident is about what really happened in full without distorting or 
bending the truth.
Nowadays, most people have their smart phones that allow them to film.  
So that is very helpful. 

Please do not film aggressively to the point of breaking the law.  Usually, 
one can film in public places.  Be careful not to film children especially 
when they are alone.  Do not publish those videos on social media 
because they are to support your defense one day if it becomes necessary.  

Just adopt the mindset of a private detective.
Above all do everything within the law because you are a decent citizen 
that have been wrongly placed under surveillance

Now that you are ready to take the next step to free yourself from a 
wrongful surveillance.  Remember that truthfully, anyone that is wrongly 
placed under surveillance is to a certain degree a second class citizen or 
outcast in the worst case scenario.  

Consequently, you must clear your name, reputation and integrity for your 
own sake and children's. There is no need for self pity or blame game.  
Stand up wash your face, shake yourself and take the second 
step today.

Second Step To Free Yourself From A Wrongful Surveillance

If one suspects that one has been wrongly placed under surveillance
one must write to the following address:

The Investigatory Powers Tribunal
PO Box 33220
or by telephoning 0207 035 3711.

They will send you two forms that you must be filled in. 
The first form is T1 and second T2.

T1 form must be filled in if your claim is that your human rights have been 
infringed within the terms of Human Rights Act 1998.

T2 form is to complain against any intelligence services or one or more public authorities listed at the end of 
the T2 information leaflet.

Both forms must be legibly  completed in black or dark ink in block capital letters.  
One must sign and date both T1 and T2 and add all relevant evidence documents 
that may support your claims. Rest assured that there is enough information on 
the information leaflet of T1 and T2 to help you fill them in.  

You may want to write first the answers to the questions on blank sheets of paper.  
Then reviews them few days before adding them to the forms. 
Some may ask a competent solicitor for help if they have the means to do so.  
In fact, those that are not confident may ask a more able person for assistance. 

This is a personal matter and you are the best person to fill in the forms T1 and T2 
with relevant evidences.  So do not be afraid but do everything with a cool head.  
Above stay composed in all. 

Be sure to fill them in with enough proof and evidence.  Remember that you are 
innocent and just really want to clear your name.  Though you are innocent, you still 
need to prove that the law enforcement agency that is responsible for 
the surveillance is utterly wrong.  So take seriously the forms and do not just rush to 
fill them in.

Be sure to post it a recorded delivery and keep the receipt.
Also make a copy of both forms when you are ready to send them.
Keep those copy in a safe place.

Example Of A letter for requesting Forms T1 and T2

The Investigatory Powers Tribunal
PO Box 33220
or by telephoning 0207 035 3711.

Your Name



Dear Sir/Mme

I am a resident in United Kingdom, and I have a complaint to make 

about the investigatory powers.  I understand that I need to fill in both 

T1 and T2 forms.  

Please feel free to send them to me because I do not wish to fill them 

in online.

Yours faithfully


Your Name

I enjoy posting this article and I hope it will be useful to you.  If that is the 

case, feel free to share it on social media.  You may also link to it in relevant 


Note that investigatory powers are doing a very difficult job, but sometimes 

mistakes do happen.  This article is for those that have been wrongly placed 

under surveillance in the United Kingdom.

This article is written by George Beaulieu