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Terrorism By Association Explained

Terrorism Terrorism By Association

WARNING:  This webpage does not promote or support terrorism in any form or shape

but explain why many innocent people have been labelled terrorists

by association. 

If it looks, walks and talks like a terrorist then it is a terrorist so they say.

Yes, it does not have to be a terrorist but it just needs to looks like a

terrorist then it is a terrorist. If one is in the same car with a terrorist then one

is a terrorist even if no one checks if the car is a mini-cab or Uber. Also if there

is any communication between a terrorist and another person then that person

is likely to be a terrorist. For example a sole trader may be labelled a terrorist

if he or she has exchanged any emails with a client that happened to be a terrorist.

In this case the sole trader is using his personal email for business dealings.

The matter becomes more worrying on the social websites. If one follows a blog that

belongs to a terrorist, one may be labelled a terrorist even if one is one of those

bloggers who always follow back those who has followed oneself. If your old friend

is labelled a terrorist and you enter a communication with him then you may be

labelled a terrorist.

Sometimes, your heartfelt discussions in a canteen, mess room, restaurants or

other public places may caused you to be labelled a terrorist. It does matter

whether one is truly a terrorist or not, all that matters is

does it look like a terrorist? Yes

does it walk like a terrorist? Yes

does it talk like a terrorist? Yes

Then it is a terrorist.

If you have been hoaxed as a terrorist then you are likely to be labelled a terrorist.

The worst part is that you will not even know that you have been labelled a terrorist.

Furthermore, if you use words like God, Islam, I submit myself to God or any other

hot keywords then you are a terrorist. Your bank or financial dealings that are not

clear to those take interest in them may caused you to be labelled a terrorist.

To be fair, a person who is financing or supporting a terrorist group should be labelled

a potential terrorist. In an ideal world that would be the case but it is so worrying that

even innocent people who are not terrorists or who would never support terrorism are

labelled terrorist or blacklisted.

You may think that because you are a Christian or native of the land then you would

never be labelled a terrorist. Do not be a fool. The system to fight terrorism is useful if

it can filter out a real terrorist from fake terrorists.

If, real terrorists kill or abuse innocent or vulnerable people then it would be fair to labelled

anyone or system that abuse innocent or vulnerable people as a terrorist. Today, many

innocent and vulnerable people are pursuit by law enforcement officers based on the fact

that they look, talk or walk like a terrorist.

If they are truly terrorists, why no one stops, arrests and locked them away before they

cause havoc in the society. It would be reasonable to bring them before a judge and

exhibit valid evidences that they are involved in terrorism is anyway.

In a land of law, those things should not be accepted. A man is innocent until proven guilty

to avoid that innocent people do not end up suffering while the real terrorists.

According to Wikipedia,

Professor Jeanne Theoharis describes the measures in equally critical terms:

Material support laws are the black box of domestic terrorism prosecutions, a shape-shifting
space into which all sorts of constitutionally protected activities can be thrown and classified
as suspect, if not criminal. Their vagueness is key. They criminalize guilt by association and
often use political and religious beliefs to demonstrate intent and state of mind.

The material support provisions have been criticized by rights groups as violating the First

Amendment, as they criminalize activities like the distribution of literature, engaging in political

advocacy, participating in peace conferences, training in human rights advocacy, and donating

cash and humanitarian assistance, even when the support is intended only to promote lawful

and non-violent activities.[4] The provisions are vague and wide-ranging, and impose guilt by

association by punishing people not for their own acts but for the acts of those they have supported.

If one is labelled a terrorist though one is innocent, then one is terrorized by the system that should

offer security or protection. It is a shame that after the fall of Nazism, Fascism, wall of Berlin and the

old block of communism, we are back at square one deep in the dark age one more time.

When China is opening up its doors and economy, we are swallowing those dirty things that we have

once vomited.

What a world are we living in today? May God have mercy on us and deliver us from the evil one.

WARNING:  This webpage does not promote or support terrorism in any form or shape

but explain why many innocent people have been labelled terrorists

by association.