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The Better You Real You

What is the real you?
What is the better you?
Remember the last time you did something
that you are so proud of yourself.  You said yes, yes, and yes.  You felf really alive and you wish everyday you could be like this, on top of the world. 

Recall another time when you thought you would be late for a very important appointment, but managed to get there on time as everything fell in place and all worked well from start to finish.  You wondered how you did it.  You kept saying:
I don't believe it! I don't believe it!

Think of another time when you defended yourself so well that you felt like a top solicitor in the town.  You argued your case so well.  You found the correct words and managed to pull yourself out of a tricky situation.  Truly you felt like a special person.

Another day, you got up two minutes before the alarm rang.  Another time you walked up to the phone before it rang.
You also called somebody right at the time he or she was about to call you.  As you are wondering how you would make ends meet that month, out of the blue came a check that you thought you would never get.  In those circumstances, you felt great.

Without any shadow of doubt you make excellent decisions after excellent decisions at a time.  You can't forget that moment when you stood up to that bully.
You did not blink, but looked right in his eyes and firmly order him to back off.
To your surprise, that bully did back off and also apologize to you.  You could not believe how you did it.  It was surreal and out of your character.

Surely those events caused you to ask relevant questions such as

why sometimes you get everything done perfectly?
why some days, you feel like the opposite of what you were on your best days?

Those questions also cause you to dig into yourself to rediscover the real you.
So begin that thirst to regain your integrity as the real you.  You now realize that there is you as you are now, but there is also you as the better you or real you.

You really recognize from those good times, the better you that you really want to be is not what you are today.  You find in you a conflict between the real you and other you that is responsible for your failures, sufferings, indecisions, mistakes and ignorance. 

Sometimes, you even fail to do the good that you really want to do and end up doing the opposite.  You wish the better you can control and subdue the other you to the point where you can be just the better you.

You also believe that you are divided or there are two sides of you.  One part is good and the other bad.  Though you want to do good and be the better you, you often find yourself in the skin of the other you that you hate. 

What Is The Real You?

You are not that image that you see in the mirror.  You are never that picture that you print out after taking a selfie.  You are not your physical body.  You are not what people see when you walk around or sleep.
You are a spirit.  Oh yes, even now that you are rejecting or denying it again that you are a spirit, it just shows what you been good at for years.  That is denying that you are a spirit not just flesh and blood.  It just like the ice denying that it is water.

You never have a spirit, but you are the spirit. In fact those time when everything works so well that you could not recognize yourself, it is just because the other you was overcome by the real you to the point that you amazed yourself.
Your role as the real you is to dominate the other you.  To attain that level, the first step is to accept that you are the spirit that must be controlling or moving that body or temple.  The better you can be compared to a bright light. 

You know that you can shine and do greater things in life, but still you are living in darkness.  What is the issue here?
Good question.

Well, just clean that bulb and you will see the light coming out.  To clean the bulb in this case is about knowing that you are a spirit that must fully take charge of the body.  One will never control the body if one does not yet realize who one truly is.
You are the spirit.  Stop denying it.
Once you recover your real ID, you can enter that world of great things that you always wanted to have and be.

Who Is The Other You?

The worst thing one can do to a prince is to make him believe that he is a common citizen or an ordinary mortal person.

One would effectively deny a prince all his privileges, rights and authority if one made him believe that his is just like everybody else in the kingdom of flesh and blood.
He is not an ordinary citizen. 

In fact that prince's case will be worse than others' if he is still denying that he is a prince after someone says to him:
my Royal Highness, I am delighted to inform you that you are a royal prince.

The other you is the body with its feelings, desires, senses and limitations.  The other you is your physical being that people see with their two eyes on their head.  It is an independent machine with a high intelligence, skills and feeling.  It has its role and place, but that is not the real YOU.

You, the spirit needs (uses) the body to play various games in the physical universe.  That is all.  Remember that the other you is an intelligent creature that moves, desires, feels, selects, loves, hates and so one.  Sometimes, it's deeds do not always reflect the desires of the real YOU.

The problem is not that simple.  The source of the problem is because you give authority to the body instead of the real you. 


Well, just by your belief and statement.
For example, a person says: I am a spirit.
He has effectively transferred the authority to the real You if he means it (believes it).

On the other hand, a commoner says:
I am not a spirit but just flesh and blood and I do not care.  He or she has truly transferred the authority to the body.

Take it from me, it is not because you can not see the wind, therefore you have to deny it.
Have you ever dreamt before?  So who is that you in the dream?  How come you (other you or body) is laying in a bed, but
you are at football match watching your favorite team in another place (dream).

The real you or better you is the spirit.  That is the you that the other you remembers when it wakes up in the morning getting ready for work.

The real you is invisible and immortal.
Call the light, truth and life.
The other you is the you that you are hanging onto since you came out of your mother's womb.

So you thought you are a chicken because you are living in a chicken farm or world.
You talk and roost like a chicken.  So you say: hey look at me, I am a chicken.
Today, I am saying to you this.
My Royal Highness, you are not a chicken.
Get out that chicken farm before you end up in a frying pan.  Her Majesty is waiting for you.  Put on your royal garments and retake your authority today.

You are a spirit that must subdue the physical universe using a body.  You
are not Jack just the body.  You are not the body plus the spirit.  You are not a feeling or sensation.  You are the real you.  You are the better you that you always know, and wanted to be.  You are a spirit, no salt or pepper added to it. 

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