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How To Confront Coronavirus

To confront something is to face it.
To confront is also about admiring without complaining.  To confront is to understand.  To face, admire and understand; among those three, the highest form of confrontation is understanding.  Please be sure to read this article in full to get the idea about how to confront the coronavirus.  Let's get started.

How To Face Coronavirus

To face the coronavirus means passing the stage of fear, and be at the stage where one is no more afraid of the Coronavirus.  

One that is still afraid of the Coronavirus is not facing it.  To face it is to stop worrying about it.  It is like I know it is there, but I am OK with it.
I can look at it or think of it without fear or worry.  In fact, one that is afraid or worrying too much about the Coronavirus is already half defeated.  The fear of the Coronavirus does not help.  The first step to confront the coronavirus is to face it.

How To Admire Coronavirus 

This is another form of confrontation.  At this stage, one is clapping for the Coronavirus as it continues doing what it is doing, but with one’s permission. 
The problem becomes an entertainment that one is admiring.  

Take it from me, a problem that one is admiring is no more a problem as such, but a downgraded problem.  

In effect, it has no more impact on oneself.  It becomes an opportunity.  It is like I know that issue is there, but my concern is how can I make it become a solution or tool that helps me.  

Truly by admiring the Coronavirus, one has effectively disable it, and it will be less harmful.  

It is similar to allowing a bee to sting you multiple times without taking note of it.  

Imagine also someone that is insulting one in a public place, but one just carries on as nothing was happening.  

Really, one is not disturbed when one is admiring a problem.
The second step to confront the coronavirus is to admire it.

How To Understand Coronavirus 

One that understands the Coronavirus is above it.  Think of it a second.  One reaches a state where one knows how, what, why and everything about the Coronavirus.  

One also thoroughly understands everything about it.  Well, if one can fully understand it then one will control and overcome it at one point.  In fact, one can give it a new name because it is now your pet.  

The main reason why people are still dying of Coronavirus today is because people have not yet fully understood the Coronavirus.  Once they grasped it that would be it.  

The race is now on to learn more about the Coronavirus.  More knowledge, insight, revelation, analysis about it will help one to understand it and tame the Coronavirus.    Understanding is the best form of confrontation one can use.  

Note this down please.  

When there is a clear understanding, there are no more problems, conflicts, fights, resistance, fear or death.  Even, men and women one day will defeat death as they finally understand it.  Mark it down.

The Christian Bible says:  my people die due to the lack of knowledge.  
Surely, understanding comes from more knowledge.  The third step to confront the coronavirus is to understand it.  It is also the most effective way of confrontation.


One can confront the Coronavirus in three ways:  facing it, admiring it and understanding it.  The time has come to take your true place above the Coronavirus, and make it work for you as a slave.  To get there, one must first stop fearing it, and turn around to face it with a big smile in the face.

Make this declaration today.  Repeat it each day to the point of increasing your faith.  Note that the real opposite of faith is fear.  Say the following in your mind
for three days, then on the fourth day begin to say it loudly.
Get started please.

I am a man born from God to dominate everything on this earth including the Coronavirus.  Yes,  I face and admire the Coronavirus knowing that I have in me the source of all knowledge.  Yes God, the true God is in me.  

I now fully realise that I certainly understand the Coronavirus.  I can control and tame the Coronavirus like never seen before.  In God, there is no Coronavirus therefore there is no Coronavirus in me.  I thank the true God because I am his healthy temple. 

That will do.  I hope this article will help one to confront the Coronavirus more effectively.  If that is the case, please share and bookmark it.  Also feel free to say few good words about us in various forums.

I wish you the very best.  May the true God protect and heal you.

This article is written by the
Founder of understandingthesecretideas.com