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Understanding Manipulation

Manipulation: What Is Manipulation

Manipulation is the act of controlling someone or something to one's own advantage,

often unfairly or dishonestly. It is also a way to manage or influence skilfully in an

unfair manner. Moreover, it is a control or influence over another or circumstances


There are various types of manipulation.

The most dangerous form of manipulation is the manipulation by hypocrisy.

One pretends to support the other party by pushing him or her to do something that

one knows will surely end in disaster. For example, one wants to confront another

because one believes one will win. At the same time, a third party knows that one will

fail but encourages one to engage another knowing all along that one will fail. If there

is a better way to screw up someone that will be it.

There is another type of manipulation where the manipulator will use false facts to convince one to do something that one did not intend to do. For example, one sends

carefully crafted pictures about someone else's wife having sex with another man to her

husband. The husband looks up the pictures and believe that they were authentic.

As a result, the husband asks for a divorce on the ground of unfaithfulness. In this

case, one has been manipulated by deceit. The difference between the manipulation

by deceit and hypocrisy is the intent to do or not do something.

The third example of manipulation is the manipulation by discouragement.

That type of manipulation is almost the opposite of the first one. In this instance,

one intends to do something that one can succeed doing but the manipulator will discourage one from doing it because he knows that one will be successful.

For example, one want to buy a new house a the bottom of the market and resell

in ten years. One has the money and resources to buy it. Not only that it was the right

season for one to buy a house for capital gain purposes. However, a clever manipulator

discourages one from doing so for reasons that are completely fabricated. One has been

convinced to stop doing something that will be rewarding though one wants to do that at the first place.

The last form of manipulation is the manipulation by suppression. This time, one is suppressed, controlled, subdued or overwhelmed by the manipulator. To put it bluntly,

one has lost one's identity, one is no more oneself, one has zero choice and one is

denied the ability to decide for oneself. One becomes an object or tool in the hands of the

manipulator. Usually, the manipulated though subdued in this case has also accepted that it is normal that things stay as they are. The manipulator will use his subject as much as he likes because he sees him or her as a tool. It will take a lot of time and energy to free those who fall under the manipulation by suppression. The worst part is that most victims under suppression do not even recognized their state of mind.

Have you being manipulated?

What form of manipulation was it?

Have you manipulated another person and how?

Is it OK to manipulate others?

Are those that are manipulated stupid or dumb?

Who is manipulating you?

Is it OK to be manipulated?