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Understanding How To Be Yourself

How To Be Yourself

To be or not to be that is the question. Are you yourself or not?

Bluntly, you are or not. One can ascertain from the morning to 

evening that one is oneself without being oneself. Or one may 

think that one is oneself though one is not. The question is are 

you yourself?

Do you make your own decisions?

What is a decision?

How to make the right decision?

Do you always rely on others to make decisions for you?

Did anyone always make decisions for you without your 


Tell me a time when you have made a correct decision on 

your own.

Let me know when you refuse somebody's else decisions and 

make your own.

Do you always consult another before making decisions?

How do others influence your behavior?

Would you rather please others than making decisions that 

are right and overdue?

Do you see yourself as an individual?

Do you see yourself as a group, community, society or an 

individual that belong to it?

Who are you?

Are you truly yourself?

Who would you rather be?

Do feel safer, stronger and bolder in a group?

Are you shy? How that shyness has helped you?

Is somebody else controlling your mind?

Do you prefer to be submissive?

Finally, how would you feel if you were yourself?

One more time, how would you feel if you were yourself?

Why You Should Be Yourself?

One of the reasons why one should be oneself is because 

one is unique. You are a special person on the earth with a 

unique potential and ability equal to none. You are 

different though you may look like your parents. Your way of 

seeing life or doing things is unique. This does not necessarily 

make you superior to others, but it surely 

differentiates you from many. Your goals are not the same.

You have unique principles that are dear to you. You will not 

negotiate or deal with anyone that violates your fundamental 


For example, the number one principle to somebody may be 

fairness. To another, it may be compassion. He or she will not 

show you any high regards if you are careless in anyway. For 

others their number principle can be winning and they 

will do everything to win. For them life is a competition and one 

should always win at all cost. Surely, they are ready to adore 

champions or winners. One should be oneself because one is 

not a group or another. 

One may belong to a group but one should never surrender 

what one really is. One may be an active player of a team to 

achieve a goal for the group but one must stay oneself while 

taking the role of a player or member. The common danger is 

that people very often stripped themselves from their real 

persons as they act in a group. By doing so, they are easily 

manipulated and end up doing things that are contrary to their 

basic principles.

To Be Yourself

To be oneself, one must first recognize that one is the unique 

leader of one's own universe.

One ought to understand also that one has the power to make 

right decisions.  To be oneself is also about making decisions. 

One should never delegate that function to anyone else. One may 

seek advice but one must always make the final decision or choice.

Furthermore, one can not be oneself if one does not take full 

responsibility for one's deeds.  To be yourself is not about being 

alone but more about leading oneself in all circumstances.

It is also involves not blaming others for one's failures. To be oneself 

is not about believing that one is God but more about being fully 

accountable to your superiors or God. To be yourself is about taking 

control of every aspect of your life in a responsible fashion. It is also 

about recognizing that others are unique and respecting their space 

without suppressing them. To be yourself is more about making sure 

one fulfills the goal or destiny one is born for instead of living like a 


To be yourself is also about knowing and understanding yourself 

without doubt. If you say to me, you are an accountant, lawyer, 

manager, police, judge or anything like that and I ask you what were 

you before that? What will be the correct answer to that crucial question​?

Remember that before you became you say you are today, you are 

yourself. That is what you really are. You may put on beautiful titles 

or mantles but first you are yourself. 

To finish this, I would say when we lose what we truly are we become 

worthless like a toilet paper. Be yourself and grow yourself on daily basis.

Responsive One