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When one see through blue glasses, one sees everything in blue. Similarly, a viewpoint colors and determines how one sees or analyzes things.  Imagine a person who goes inside Einstein and adopts his viewpoint. Logically, that person will be able to see or analyze things from his viewpoint.  Apart from going inside Einstein,  one could also adopt his viewpoint from afar without going inside Einstein.
Take for example a Hollywood actor  that is playing Einstein in a film.  Though he is not inside Einstein he is adopting his viewpoint from distance or apart.
Normally, one uses one's own viewpoint.  Take for example two persons and ask them to analyze a city and write a concise report about it.  Though both persons are analyzing the same city, one can rest assured that both reports will be different due to each individual viewpoint.
At the same time, if one puts five people together as a group, and one asks the group to write a report about an electric car.  Though each member has an individual viewpoint, the report will only reflect the group's viewpoint

There Are Three Distinctive Viewpoints

The first viewpoint is an individual or personal viewpoint.  The second is another's viewpoint and third is others' (group) viewpoint.

The personal viewpoint is your own viewpoint.  Another's viewpoint is the viewpoint of another person that is near or afar.  For example a daughter expresses her viewpoint to her mother.  Her viewpoint is personal to herself, but it is another's viewpoint from her mothers perspective.  The others' viewpoint is one of a group to which one does not belong to.  One is looking at a group from afar.  Hey those are others.  I am here and they are there.  They have their own viewpoint.

Adopting Someone Else Viewpoint

A member of a group can easily adopt the group's viewpoint.  A person can also adopt another's viewpoint.  The easiest way to do so is to act like the person in the same environment or condition.

A student or trainee can also take his coach or teacher's viewpoint.
In fact people has been adopting others' viewpoint anytime they agree with them.  One may not fully agree with another, but to have an agreement, each side must partially or fully adopt the other party's viewpoint.  One may be adopting another's viewpoint without knowing. 

Projection Of Viewpoint

Anytime, one has convinced another either near or afar, one has projected one's viewpoint.  Anytime,  one is explaining or convincing another, one is effectively projecting one's viewpoint.
A teacher is projecting his viewpoint onto the class that he or she is teaching.

A personal viewpoint is comparable to lenses through which one is analyzing everything.  It is possible to take another's viewpoint.  Two people in conflict can come to some sort of agreement if both are willing to adopt the other's viewpoint.  The world will be a better place when people begin to try others' viewpoint.  The key to more understanding is the ability to adopt multiple viewpoints instead of narrowly relying on the personal viewpoint.

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