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What Is Intimidation?

Intimidation is the resultant force between  fear and submission.  The first force aims to inject fear into your system, and the other seeks to make one submissive.
Truly, an intimidated person is forced to obey or comply to something or someone under fear.  Generally, the intensity of the fear is higher than the submissive force's.  

The intimidator understands that one that is afraid is also a limited being who can not think or act rationally.  Moreover, it becomes easier to control a fearful person.  Indeed, the fear is like a cuff that restraints the person to the degree where he or she becomes very obedient.  

Though, there is nothing wrong to be obedient to a good master, it is very damaging to obey under the duress of an intimidator.  The fear begin to drip down your system as the intimidator becomes more persistent.  Without any counter measures, the fear will freeze a person's free will, and makes one more subjective.

In fact, all one needs to do to avert that process is to avoid giving in to the fear.
Do not be afraid. 

Ask yourself, what will you gain by submitting to the fear?  Or what will you lose by resisting it?
Answer those questions truthfully. 
Now, ask the following questions:
Have I done anything to deserve this?
What have you done to help the intimidator?
After answering those questions to their fullness, one will quickly begin to see why
it is not worthy to give in to the intimidation

Please, understand that to fight the intimidator, all one needs is to confront the fear.  That is all.  One does not need to become violent or aggressive.  Do not waste your time or energy fighting pointless battles but stay focused on yourself.  Your heart and mind are what the intimidator is after.  It does not matter what he does if you confront that fear and let the intimidator know that you are not afraid he will back off. 

Ask yourself why he needed to instill fear in you before getting your submission or obedience? 
Indeed, he could not control you without that fear.  He needed it to control your mind and heart.  Talking about selling one's' soul to the devil that is exactly that.  And you do not want to do that.

The intimidator has no real power.  Those who are powerful do not need to intimidate others.  They ask and they receive exactly what they want.  They are fair and honorable. 

Generally, the intimidator does not want anybody to look in their eyes.  Why?
Yes, you guess it right, he does not like to be confronted.  Just looking at him straight in the eyes will send that fear back into himself.  Stand upright, walk tall in the presence of the intimidator.

Surely, he will try to fight back, but resist him and do not look down.  Smile and be proud of yourself because it always sweet to resist an intimidator.  Your mind and heart should not be controlled by anybody but should be won over without fear.

If you feel down just repeat this.

I am born without fear and fear has no place in me.  I disconnect my mind and heart from the stronghold of fear.  Now, I reconnect myself to the forces of love, freedom and happiness.  There is no more fear in me because I am connected to the goodness of life itself. More life, more liberty, more goodness is my portion.

Now, go forward and occupy your space and understand that there is no place for intimidation in your space. 
Maybe you have been a victim of intimidation or you have suffered from it, I hope this article will help you deal with those bitter events and memories.  For others that were intimidating many, I also hope that this article will help you stop.

If you have been intimidating others, say this.

I now realize that a powerful person does not need to resort to intimidating others to get what he wants.  I now realize that it was a mistake.  I now freely chose to restore the hearts and minds of those that I have stolen through intimidation.  I chose to start a new life without intimidation

Now, I understand that I can always get what is mine because I am one with what is mine.  I do not need to intimidate others anymore.  I now abandon the use of intimidation to get what I want.

The intimidation has been a tool that was used over and over to alienate others.  Those who rely on it, never accept full responsibility for their deeds.  In some cases they justify their actions by the fact that they have also been intimidated so it is a fair play.  On the other hand the intimidated do not know that all they have to do is to dispel the fear.