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What Makes Coronavirus Evil?

The Coronavirus has caused so many death around the world in a short period of time.  Though it is not the first time that a virus or illness has caused thousands of death, the coronavirus has few characteristics that make it really evil in my opinion.  Let's find out more about what makes the coronavirus evil.

Before we start, please note that in this context, evil means something that has no love or tolerates love, affinity, forgiveness or any types of kindness.  I believe that suits the Coronavirus from the head to the toes.
A very bad virus indeed.

First Reason Coronavirus Is Evil

The first reason why that very bad coronavirus is evil is because it does not allow people to be treated.  Therefore, it is killing at a faster rate health professionals without pity.  The growing number of death amongst the best qualified professionals is the number one reason why this virus is truly evil.

It has no mercy for the patient and carers.
It has no consideration for the PPE or any measures put in place to stop it. 

It is sneaking around and killing the best brain in the medical field.  Those are huge losses because it takes up to ten years to become a qualified health specialist.  Here, we are facing the evil coronavirus that is depriving mankind from its most valuable human beings.

Second Reason Why Coronavirus
Is Evil

The second reason why the coronavirus is evil is that it forbids love and care.  It separates husbands and wives, children and parents, and really puts under pressure for the first time the most developed economies around the world. 

That virus aims to ban any form of immediate love, care, support and makes the vulnerable more vulnerable because countries that can help others could not sustain their own needs.  A virus that stops people from shaking hands, hugging each other, kissing, embracing, socialising and living their normal life is truly evil.

Third Reason Why Coronavirus
Is Evil

A virus that shuts churches and places where people seek the face of the true God is Evil.  Men of God have been distanced from the people.  That touch that heals is no more available. 

That fellowship or gathering in unity and love of the true God has been placed on ice by a very bad coronavirus.  The mass prayers, worship and communion have been put on hold because of the evil coronavirus.

Fourth Reason Why Coronavirus
Is Evil

The fourth reason why the coronavirus is also evil is because it has cut short the life of those that are in their late sixties or seventies. 

A virus that loves to kill the elderly.  Some of those people have survived the evil second world war.  Some were born during the most difficult times in the mankind history.
An evil virus that targets the elderly or those that are already sick.  Oh yes, coronavirus is evil indeed.

Fifth Reason Why Coronavirus Is Evil

The fifth reason why the coronavirus is evil is because, it stops economic activities around the world. 

Therefore, puts the global economy under tremendous pressure just it is recovering from the 2008 financial crisis.  A virus that is against health and economy is truly evil
Governments are under serious pressure to the point that I wonder if the world will ever be the same again. 

Are governments going to be bankrupt because of the coronavirus?
For how long more can governments care for their citizens again?  Did the coronavirus bring the world back to the square one?


The world will remember the coronavirus because it is really evil.  It does not support love, care, support or any form of kindness.

It kills the most vulnerable, kills those who try to save the patients, shut down governments, churches, businesses, economies and lock more than 75% of the world's population behind doors. 

A virus that is trying to stop men and women from fulfilling their goals on earth, and live life to its fullness is evil.

Though I have condemned the evil coronavirus, I still believe that men and women must confront and overcome that very bad virus, and turn it into an opportunity to the point where the evil coronavirus becomes their slave in the end.

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Please stay tuned because soon, I will be posting another article that gives food for thought.

Whatever you do, just remember that you are bigger than the Coronavirus, and make it feel you.   Best wishes to all.

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