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What Women Are Truly Good At?

Generally women are gifted managers.
They often mix their multitasking skills with that caring touch that men lack.  Women can also socialize more than men.
This is because they are more open to share and give.  If a couple moves to a new area, it is usually the lady who begins to connect with neighbors, and make friends as the man is busy watching television or sipping his favorite wine.  

Ladies are also good educators.  They are willing to teach their children, and everyone in their household.  And when it comes to counseling, there is no natural substitute to our female partners.  Naturally, women love, care and more likely to be loyal to those who treat them well than men.

Though, women can do other things that are male oriented like leadership and defense of a territory or household, there is something that women are really good at.
Try to guess it first before reading further.

Is it their ability to sense danger at a faster pace?
Or is it their urge to be more forgiving?
Should one say it has something to do
with their ability to read minds?
Do you remember the last time a lady says to you: I know what you are thinking?
And you said what is that?  Then she look at you and said exactly what you were thinking.
You then smile as to confirm that she is right but you also refuse to tell her that she is right.
What really sets women apart from men?
What really makes women special?
What is their best domain of excellency?
Is it their ability to set a goal and achieve it?

When a woman says to a man I will leave you. Most men often do not take it seriously.  However, if she makes it her goal to leave the man, you can bet that she will.

Truly women are different to men.
One thing I have noticed is that women are more compliant than men.  In most cases,
ladies will respect rules and agreements. 
A man may change his mind the next day and bend the rules in view to gain more independence and power. 

Take for example, a man who comes home very happy and hugs his wife.  He then stands in front of her and presents her with a very pleasing summer holidays plan.  After talking about it for a while, they both agree to it.  Now, tell me who is more likely to break that agreement?  Surely, men can easily break that agreement as the lady is now upset because she has already told her friends about that dream holidays.

So far one may still be asking what women are really good at?  And I have the answer to that question.

What Women Are Really Good At?

Do you remember the last time, you received your child's school report and it says something like "not good enough".  For a father that is not a big issue but for a lady it can be.  She may sleeps over it and then the next day
she will wake up and say: sweetheart or darling, I am going to speak to that teacher today and ask what do they mean by "not good enough". 

She may also say: I would ask them to change that phrase and write instead "need to improve faster". 

The man may say to her: oh sweetheart, do not worry about it. 

And she will say: of course I worry about it, and if they do not want to change it, I will take my child out that school.

In another case, a man bought a standard ticket for a train journey, but as he begins his journey, he wanted to upgrade to first class.
For that, he is to asks to buy a brand new first class ticket instead of paying just the excess fare.  Though he was not happy about it, he just took it like a man a pay for the full first class ticket though he still has that standard ticket.  He came home at the end of the day, and told his wife about it.

The next day, the lady is on the phone talking to the rail customer service. She is arguing in favor of her husband. 

She said: it was unfair and wanted a full refund for the standard ticket.  After all she could not get the full refund, but managed to get a discount voucher for her husband next rail travel. 
You know men could not be bothered quite often but women do.

Should we say that men are useless when it comes to arguing a case about many important or fair issues?
My advise to husbands that are going through unfair divorce settlement is to choose a female solicitor.  She will do everything to put right that unfairness.  She will be defending you heartedly and will argue your case more successfully than many males. 

Also, if one has bad deal, and one thought that it was unfair then one can send in a female to get a better deal.  Most of the time, a man will argue his case, then leave it alone and move on.  Usually, ladies will push it harder one more time until there are no more options left.

Clearly, one can easily understand why over the year women have fought for the equality between both sexes. 

In my view, women are very good at fighting unfairness and defend matters that they do care about more than men.
Usually if men are willing to defend a cause 100% , women will be willing go the extra mile. 

As always, I enjoy writing this article too.
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Thank you for reading.