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Who Are You?

Is this the most difficult question one could be asked? Or is it the most misunderstood question?  When asked
who are you,  a person may say I am a manager, entrepreneur, engineer, lawyer,
doctor, chef, student, housewife and so on.

To the same question, another will say I am a Londoner, Indian, Chinese, American, Asian, African, Australian or European.
Others may also say I am your wife, husband, cousin, friend, boss, patron, coach, superior and so on.

A wife asks her husband the question who are you? And he replies I am your husband.
A student asks his teacher the same question and he says I am your teacher.
To the same question, a patriot may say
I am a Chinese or american.

Really, are we getting the correct answer or is the question too difficult or misunderstood?

What is the correct answer to the question:
who are you?
Note that the question was not what have you become?  It is neither what is your job title or who do you think you are?
It is just who are you?

Before you become what you call yourself that you are what were you before that.
In fact the question who are  you means
what were you before everything else.
What are you from the very beginning?
Who are you originally as a being?
Who really are you?

To get the correct answer one should ask that question until one comes to understand or finds out what one truly is.

Supposed your first answer is I am a father,
ask the next question: what were you before becoming a father?
A person may answer and say I am a single person.  The next question will be what were you before that.
So upon giving an answer to the question who are you; one will check on that latest answer with the question what were you before that.  That interrogation will only stop when a person finally discovers what he or she truly is before the beginning of everything. 

As one reconnects with what one truly is one will start living the life that one is destined to live.
So far many are wearing many masks or identities to live a life that is not theirs.
Many also believe that they are what they are doing or have.  Obviously, that is not completely true.  Who are you?  That is the question.
Find out who you truly are before you were even conceived in your mother's womb.

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