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Who Should You Trust?

Should one trust one's parents, children, friends, neighbors, colleagues, fellow citizens, spouse or oneself? 
How much should one trust another or others?
How often can one trust somebody?
All those questions boil down to who should you trust?
Quite often people say I only trust myself, and I do not trust anyone else.  Really what they mean is they do not trust anyone else or they are tired to put their trust in another only to be disappointed.  Therefore, they only can trust themselves and nobody else.  On the other hand, despite their distrust in others they still want to trust someone.

Now how much can they trust others? Who can they trust?

Generally most people trust their parents, spouses and children.  They trust their family.  Those that do not trust their family are more likely to trust their friends or neighbors.  Similarly, those who do not trust their families and neighbors may put their trust in their colleagues or business partners.  One can also trust pets such as dogs, cats, birds.

Though many may say they do not trust the government, some do put their trust in the government.  There are people who really trust their employers.  They are ready to share their inner thoughts with them, and their private matters.

Really, people are always looking for people they can trust.   In fact in every dealing there is trust.  One trusts the landlord that he or she will not breach one's privacy when one is not in.  One trusts the car that stops at the level crossing as one is crossing the road.
One trusts the bank whenever one deposits money.  One trusts the lift that one is taking to the next floor and so on.

Though people do trust something or someone, they also trust themselves.

Trusting Oneself

How would you trust yourself?
How often do you trust yourself?
Remember a time when you trusted
How much do you trust yourself?
What will make you trust yourself?
How would you define trusting yourself?
What is the difference between trusting yourself and another?
What is the advantage of trusting yourself?

Indeed trusting in oneself can help one to mature as a self determined person instead of being a dependent or follower.
One who trusts oneself is a person who can make decision.   On the other hand, one is more likely to delegate all decision making to a third party if one does not trust oneself.   Also a person who begins to trust himself (or herself) will determine who he or she can trust, and how much it needs to trust another or others.

A person can trust another or others but one must always determine how much trust one wants to put in others.  One does not always have to trust others 100%.  In fact one will avoid disappointing oneself if one reasonable trust others to the degree
they merit to be trusted.  One must also endeavor to trust oneself and avoid relying on others in everything.  To trust or mot to trust but who should you trust?  That is the question. 

As always, I enjoy writing this article and I hope you will find it useful.  Feel free to share it on social websites.

After answering those questions, one will realizes how important it is to trust oneself.  Would you trust a faithful friend?
Of course yes.  Truly one is one's best friend.  There is no better friend one will ever had apart from oneself.  Therefore, it is essential that one learns to trust oneself.
To start that process, one can just recite every morning the following:

I am my number one best friend.