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Wrongful Surveillance

Why you should clear your name, reputation and integrity from wrongful surveillance?

1/ It Is Helpful To Law Enforcement Agencies

The law enforcement authorities are not your enemies.  They protect and defend the law in view to maintain order in a democratic society where no one is above the law.  They are not your buddy because even if they are your friend, they will still enforce the law and you will have your right to defend yourself in front of a judge. 

However, mistakes do happen.  And law enforcement agencies do make serious mistakes.  One those serious mistakes is to wrongly place a decent law abiding citizen under surveillance.  So when an innocent citizen has found out, he or she must clear his name.  It is stupid not to do so.  

By clearing your reputation and integrity, you are helping the police, secret service, profilers and any law enforcement agencies that are involved.  You effectively save them time, resources, energy and money wasted in pursuing an innocent citizen.  Therefore, those efforts will instead be use to catch the real potential trouble makers. Those agencies will also learn from their mistakes and improve how they do things in the future.

May be informant has been too zealous and fabricated garbage against you.  May be you have been misunderstood.  Perhaps you have been wrongly associated to a real potential criminal.  May the system needs to change a bit to filter out false allegations.  Or profiler thought he or she is above the law and resort to a witch hunt in a democratic civilization.  It is really helpful for the law enforcement agencies to concentrate on the real potential bad citizens and promote a fair and just society for all.

2/ It is beneficial to both yourself and children.

It is always regrettable when a good citizen is wrongly placed under surveillance.  Indeed the system that is meant to protect him or her is working against him or her. 
A person that is wrongly under surveillance is in open prison.  He is a prisoner that is not locked.  He or she will regain his freedom, privacy, reputation and certain rights after clearing his name.  

Yes if you failed to clear your name that may have negative consequences on your children as they try to climb different ladders in the society.  You do not want them to be paying the price for not clearing your decent name.  

In fact, many do realize what it means by being placed under surveillance.  Remember that no rational decent person will be happy to be wrongly placed under surveillance.  You want to clear your integrity like a person that has wrongly put into a prison.  Surveillance is open prison and if one is truly innocent, it is beneficial to oneself and children to repair those damages not only in your country but also in allies'.  Note that law enforcement agencies keep details records for years and they also share those details with other countries. 

3/ It saves tax payers money.
All citizens pay taxes and taxes are used to build and defend the country.  Unfortunately, some of those funds are wasted on wrongful surveillance because of errors.  Therefore, if one spots that a mistake is made and one clears one's reputation then money is saved.  Suppose a wrongful surveillance can cost one million dollars per year.  Multiply that by 100.  That is 100 millions dollars.

We are talking about a substantial amount money saved just by innocent citizens that successfully free themselves from wrongful surveillance.  So it makes sense that one tries to clear one's name if one is truly placed under surveillance by error.  That 100 millions dollars can grow into billions if one just says:  there is nothing I can do about it.  At least one can seek help.  

4/ It helps polish tactics to catch real dangerous citizens.

Law enforcement agencies are doing a very difficult job.  Therefore, they are constantly polishing their tactics to catch real trouble makers in a civilized society.  A simpler way to improve those strategies is to avoid repeating past errors.  Sometimes, it needs an ordinary citizen like you to point out those wrongful surveillance.  Look you are not rebel or anarchist when you genuinely spot that a law enforcement agency is wrong.  You are effectively helping them to correct and improve the current system.  Think of it for a second.

If the law enforcement agencies receive hundred report of inconsistencies, they will take note and do something about it.  Do not just go on the social media protesting about it.  Just report the facts (not lies) to the right institutions that has the powers to get things changed.  That is it.  You are a citizen and you have a role to play.  You need the law enforcement agencies as much as they need you in a democratic civilized society. 

5/ It improves public confidence, respect and trust in law enforcement agencies

The police, military, secret service and other law enforcement agencies need your trust and confidence in the public.  The best support that that those civil servants need is your trust.  You do want officers that are discouraged with a low moral.  They perform best when they have the full public support.  Also they are citizens just like you and me.  They have friends, families, neighbors, so they are part of the society.  They are not locked on a foreign island far away from the people. 

The point is when a person that is wrongly placed under surveillance is free from false allegations, that restores trust and confidence in the law enforcement agencies.  Things get better and a new deal between the agencies and public begins.
A new law may come into into effect to seal both trust and confidence in the profilers. 

It helps to clear one's name if one is wrongfully placed under surveillance.  It helps yourself, children, society as a whole and the law enforcement agencies.  It promotes a fair and democratic society that is inclusive.  Believe it or not it helps defend and protect the land.  So those are the five factors why you should clear your name from a wrongful surveillance.